Man runs 480kms (Nairobi to Mombasa) in 54 hours

Congolese athlete Francois Msafiri has completed running from Nairobi to Mombasa in 54 hours. Truly incredible

[SIZE=7]Congolese athlete Francois Msafiri runs 500km for charity[/SIZE]
Monday, June 07, 2021
Congolese athlete Francois Msafiri, his Manager Enock Rotich, Athletics Kenya Mombasa County Secretary Beatrice Taita Wanzala and Mombasa county Chief Officer for Sports Innocent Mugabe at Treasury Square in Mombasa on June 6, 2021.

Photo credit: Wachira Mwangi I Nation Media Group
By Wachira Mwangi
A refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has completed a three-day charity run from Nairobi to Mombasa that seeks to raise funds for at least 5, 000 refugee children to access education.

Francois Msafiri, an ultra-marathoner, who is also a long distance runner, covered over 500 kilometres with a view to creating awareness on the situation of refugees in the country.
Mr Msafiri said he is using athletics to raise funds to provide quality education to children living in refugee camps.
He began his journey on Friday at 6.30am in Nairobi and safely arrived in the coastal city some minutes past midday on Sunday.

Congolese athlete runs 500km for charity
He is appealing to well-wishers to support his course to improve the lives of refugees.
“I am in this race to raise funds for refugee children to see them through school. Many are getting early pregnancies, some are into drug abuse and I want to change their story,” Mr Msafiri said.
The athlete said he hoped to cover the entire distance within 40 hours but this was not possible after he suffered muscle pull after the first 300 kilometres.
His manager and coach, Enock Rotich, said he was grateful to have made it to Mombasa.
“We are grateful to have made it in Mombasa after a long and tiresome run. Congratulations to him. We are trying to raise funds to support the refugee children in education and also help nurture their talents. It has been a long journey. We are glad that the security officers manning the roadblocks were of great help even with the curfew,” Mr Rotich said.
He added that the main challenge they faced along the way were the numerous long distance trucks which caused them some delay.
Mombasa Athletics Kenya Secretary Beatrice Taita Mwanzala commended the athlete and asked the county to contribute to his course and also set up a camp to cater for refugees.

County chief officer for sports Innocent Mugabe said they will support Msafiri’s course and appreciated his efforts in supporting the needy children.
“We are very happy to receive him and we will be in this course. As a county government, we understand and appreciate his determination, sacrifice and drive. Our county is blessed to be at a low altitude and we will promote athletics given the chance,” Mr Mugabe said.
Mr Msafiri said he came to Kenya in 2010 and has since loved the country.
He, however, said he hopes to someday represent his country in the Olympics.

There’s a guy who drove same distance in reverse in the 80s.




I feel like Captain America after running for 1 hour first thing in the morning. How does it feel to log nearly 500KM in 3 days? That’s the kind of accomplishment money can’t buy.

I run for 1hr too, can’t do it for several days consecutively because of cortisol, Sometimes it makes to not sleep. How do you go about it?

Frankly I am a masochist. I enjoy pushing myself every day and I only rest if I’m injured to the point where I feel pain even when I’m not training. However I have the opposite problem. I can never seem to get enough sleep.

Do you stretch before and after your runs? I have found even 2 minutes of light stretching really helps with recovery.

After running for 7days consecutively, my cortisol builds up to a point where catching sleep is impossible. If my gf is not around I end up just jerking off just to catch sleep. When I’m not training hard, I catch sleep easily

I remember this story! Problem was no one on the very busy highway saw the car being driven in reverse!

I have dumbells at home, immediately after I run, I do squats, pushups and some dumbell exercises, but I don’t strectch

You should stretch. I ignored it for a long time thinking it was not important, wish I had started sooner. My form and recovery have really improved in just a few months. Hapo kwa sleep patterns I guess we are different.

sielewi vile ali maintain body 54 hrs 480 kms without sleep

100meters per minute is pozbo according to his feat but to do that continously for 54hours…someone balance me here quick
Gugu inakubaliana kiasi

It was a hoax.The event never happened & the guy was called Eric Awori who’s actually related to the Awori Family who include Former VP Moody Awori,Retired Ambassador Dennis Awori,Grace Wakhungu (mother of Judy Wakhungu.Remember Grace together with Sirisia MP John Waluke were found guilty of defrauding the National Cereals and Produce Board (NCPB)…guess it runs in the family)


Believe you me, that is not humanly possible.

I heard about this story nikasema they don’t know what they are talking about.

When you run without stopping(even with breaks in between), utafika a saturation point in which your body breaks down due to damage to the muscles, tendons or even due to joint pains. That requires days of inactivity in order to recover.

I would give him at least 60km before he hits the 'saturation point (considering that he is running at his own pace). After that he would need several days to recover.

Marathon ya 40km pekee requires professional runners to recover for 2/3 weeks due to damage caused to the body.
So this kind of stories waambie watoto wa nursery.

It is very possible, but undeniably difficult. Canadian Terry Fox an amputee/cancer warrior ran 5,373kms, more than 10 times the distance Francois Msafiri ran in the 80’s in about 5 months. And if you ever watched his video, Fox was more like limping than running:

Fox would do almost 42 kilometres daily, now what about a healthy person with both legs intact? Of course you’re right, it can take a toll on the body and can even kill someone.

*480 kilometres divided by 54 hours is 8.8 km/hr on average which seems doable.


This dude became a legend in Canada.

Scale down msee. Mwili inasema “wewe nachokesa mimi sana”

I agree

Its impossible. A human being cannot run continuously for this period.

If he ran 500 kms in three days, it means he must have been doing 160-170kms a day. Yani distance ya kufika Nakuru. Also, it means there were no mishaps ya kuteleza kidogo unajiumiza.