Man Photographed Dumping an Unconscious Woman in Roysambu (Pics and Videos Available)







that nigga is going to have a LOOOONGGG day!!

By the way where is Uwesmake

Wapi @uwesmake. Tho hio moti haikai x6

Undisclosed garage. painting his honda white

LOOOONG life ahead

Phew, he better have a good lawyer. Of he is married, it’s over.

Huyu sio @uwesmake hakulangi mfupa

Just saw this on FB, hope that mata paka ashikwe afanyiwe chenye alifanyia huyo mtoto wa mtu *3, akiwa kamiti.

Wololo. Big mistake

with her clothes hivyo hata trao ni kama it was opened, its like he also raped her then PNC made him act stupid. Huyu anashikwa very soon hata leo

wacha kuiiamusha bro

number plate ??? has all biodata

So far hakuna ktalker anafanya kra,records,knbs, traffic, ntsa etc meffi week jina ya huyo mjinga

Wuah! Huyo mambo yake kwisha!

Woi. Si angemdrop tu kwa some lonely estate road.

Huyu ni mtu mshenzi sana, ata akicheza bibi anashikwa the first day.

this is messed up, no ambulance around to come help. … how many ambulances would the re-election money-10b have bought to save lives like this? as usual we have placed our priorities wrong , very wrong .

No one wants to call ambulance because its not there, instead they are offering to give her mayai because they have been used to the fact that there will not be help anytime soon.the poor lady will just die. Effects of corruption guys, these are the effects

milking anacondas in the Amazon

@Guru maybe

We don’t reason that way.