Man pays dowry then commits suicide in Kakamega

Why would you pay dowry for a woman who you parted ways with 20 years ago? Never follow culture blindly.

Residents of Ingwe village in Malava constituency, Kakamega County were left in utter shock after the body of a 48-year-old man was found hanging on the rooftop of his bedroom just one day after paying a dowry to his in laws.

According to the family of the deceased, Philip Luvale may have taken such action following marital issues with his wife, leading to his impalpable decision.

The deceased is said to have tried to commit suicide again prior to his death after suspecting her wife was entangled in another relationship with villagers some years ago.

“Some years back the deceased had been complaining on how her wife allegedly was entangled in a relationship with one of the villager and suspected they acted in his matrimonial bedroom that made him loose hope in her’’, Joseph Shivanda told K24 Digital

According to Shivanda the deceased decided to pay dowry and send a convoy to the village of Eregi the home of his ex-wife whom they had parted ways for more than twenty years.

‘’The dowry had to be paid according to Luhya custom, and the deceased had an obligation to pay the dowry to his wife, and maybe that made him to hang after he was forced by elders to do so,’’Shivanda added.

The deceased had sent a group of eight people to pay the dowry to Eregi and came back in evening to give out the report of how the reception went by.

Shockingly, they found the body of the deceased hanging inside his bedroom, making dowry payment for his wife to be postponed until burial arrangements are finalised.

The body of the deceased was moved to Webuye morgue awaiting postmortem.

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We paid an Uncle’s dowry debt after he had died in his 70s after a 30 yr. marriage.
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