Man invents phone that does not use credit or simcard

:D:D:D phone kama hii inakaa kama life support machine unaweza enda nayo sherehe kweli…?

Unaweza pigia saf

Swali ni amepigia nani? Juu hio phone ni ya kipekee na ni Moja tu

Huyu ni hacker

You invent then…



Miniaturization is the trend to manufacture ever smaller mechanical, optical and electronic products and devices. Examples include miniaturization of mobile phones, computers and vehicle engine

It’s not good for business.

hii anafaa atengeneze na briefcase yake.

Hapa Ktalk, majamaa only have lists of lanyes as their prime achievement.

I consider this to be levels above, assuming it is actual fact. That’s potential that can be harnessed further.

Kama ungekuwa a normal bonobo ningekutusi but you are one of the few respected elders around. But to make things clear, phones do not need simcards or credit card to work, that’s why you can make a SOS call without either. Most phones come with functions that preclude the use of SIM cards. SIM cards are just enablers of key mobile network operations such as SMS, calling functions, and mobile data storage. Access to the internet, games, and some apps will work without a physical sim card. You can even make calls using the internet through Wi-Fi without needing a sim card. @Sambamba ndio village hacker, he can explain to you in depth.

Can you consider the list from married ones have? Za day mama watoto wanted to poison the husband.
The day wife wanted to throw tittle deed kwa moto?
The day the wife turnred things like (mtoi si wako)
The day wife used to humiliate the husband by being dropped home ni v8 meanwhile jamaa owns kaprobox.
The day wife’s sister accused husband of wanting to rape her (blackmailing)
The day Kiongos was called to cool things down as the wife threated to burn the house down.
The day wifes family took the husband to OCS with a claim hes up to no good with their daughter.
The day wife alitisha husband anaeza oshea jamaa wa nduthi rungu free of charges

Married people have weird list than mtgw crew!

Ukiambia @Yuletapeli ati the first commercial Casio calculator ilikua size ya meza anaeza cheka mpaka akufe. The entire thing below, not just the protruding part on the left part of the “table.”

bonobo wacha upuzi .You can actually go to Shenzhen and buy phone components na utengenezewe a fairly decent device .What kind of potential are we talking about here ?

huyo kijana ako right apigwe viboko anafunga tie aje kama umbwa

Sherehe utaenda, haiwezi ibiwa hii

These are the people you find at Shenzen, they understand how everything works not just putting premanufactured components together. Now if Kenyans stopped listening to China stooges/CCP shills we’d set up local Shenzens to utilize local talent

Atakuambia ni ya kupigia ingine kama hiyo

:D:Dthe first computer ilikuwa size ya room

I’m now seeing it from a different angle.

The people in Shenzhen wako na high IQ and don’t try to reinvent the wheel.
You and him are the kind of bonobos that wanted faster horses to compete with cars. Umbwa

Omanyala showing the world that Kenya has talent. This talent spans across all sectors, and will eventually be identified and developed.