Learnt this from that chokoraa @Azor Ahai. That women cannot compromise on financial stability. Yaani mwanaume you must provide. That is your foremost role and it has been that way since the beginning of time. When you fail in that role is when cracks will start to appear.

Alafu men cannot compromise on sexual fidelity. A man wants exclusive sexual access. If the woman cheats that’s when cracks will start to appear kwa relationship.

I’m going to suggest that one inevitably leads to the other. A man losing his job will lead to the woman cheating.

Also, a woman cheating on a hardworking beta male will lead to loss of morale on the man’s part, leading to alcoholism and in most cases loss of income.

A prime example is our very own @poyoloko. He lost his job as an uber driver and his wife told him, “toka nje nibadilishe nguo.” A few days later he found her getting ravaged by a close friend.

@poyoloko hii maneno ilifanyika ama namna gani my fren?
@Tauren is an illiterate homosexual ghaseer who wanks daily with @Azor Ahai avatar

Nkt lies. Financial power = long term relationships =/= sexual exclusivity. Sex is all about raw attraction. So many broke niggas having sex and so many rich men wananyimwa na bibi zao.

Yeah that’s true. Attraction cannot be negotiated

Azor lives in fantasy,reality is alien.

Ulipona macho ama zilikuwa vako za ndom

I agree, but past a certain age financial prowess becomes a key factor. Raw attraction involves nubile teen girls. Past a certain age women become sexually obsolete. They transform into old cows with rolls of blubber and the only thing that makes them wet is a fat wallet.

a prime example is @Finest wine. That woman has blocked half the village kwa sababu he deems them “broke boys.” He has even blocked the brownskinned @Azor Ahai. The only thing that turns her own is a fat wallet. That is the reason she hasn’t blocked @mikel.

wewe nilikuambia lazima nikutombe mattercore before I answer your foolish questions

That can never happen shoga mkuu

:D:D:D hio sweep umeapiga poyoloko ni kali sana.

Money is everything
Ata most good looking men/women come from stable backgrounds

Money isn’t everything if we are talking about sex. Sex is all about raw primitive animalistic impulses. I’ve seen so many loaded niggas beg for pussy mpaka it’s sad. You have to work out, be charismatic and dress well yadayada.

If you get money it’s easier to dress well and workout and you’ll get the sex
Those loaded guys who have to beg for sex are simps and don’t work on their personality or physique

I forgive you son but know me and mama @Tauren are back together again.

Wee ng’ombe unajua @ChifuMbitika ni County Commissioner mzima? Unajua yeye ndio macho ya serikali? Unajua serikali iko na mkono mrefu? Endelea kuambia serikali unataka kutomba matacore yake.

I have never been blocked by any female talker because I respect my sisters very much…we get a long…and we do coffee occasionally.

Warn that street urchin before I send state security agents to deal with him.