Man discovers illicit drugs in package given to him to deliver to Dubai

Tuesday, 10 August 2021 – A Nigerian man has uncovered illicit drugs that had been concealed in food items that he was reportedly given to deliver to someone in Dubai.

The man discovered the concealed drugs that included Tramadol tablets, Marijuana, and other illicit drugs after his brother suggested they go through the luggage before he leaves home.

A full search of the contents revealed drugs concealed inside foodstuff that included yam flour, dried pepper, coffee powder, sweets among others.

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Wanaitwa blind mules, yaani you traffic drugs without knowing. The same thing happens to our foolish slay queens who think Nigerian men are “more romantic” when they take them to an “all-expenses-paid vacation” in Dubai. Someone spends 500k on you but you earn him 5 million by trafficking his drugs, alafu you brag about the iPhone and TV he bought you without realizing how much more you made him. Na ukishikwa unabaki huko ukioza, yeye anatafuta mushienzi mwingine na biashara inaendelea.

Wait, umesema Nigerian? Ooh stop it. The ogaman knew everything. He just got busted and he had to come up with an excuse!

Go through the article first

The article says his brother suggested they go through the luggage before he left home

Hio ngwai ni gush tupu, wenge smaggle shash

Good brother

Sounds like a plan. Slay queen wacha waone ivo.

airport hata bibi yako akona watoto wako usishikie kibeti ! otherwise next on Banged up abroad !

Very true… :D:D:D:D:D

Ati “if he’s telling the truth, he’s a vulnerable child in a foreign country
The narrator seems to be giving Benson the benefit of the doubt :D:D:D

This was an illegal immigrant claiming he is 15yrs

He is being sarcastic…how can that grown man be a child?

What I typed here is also sarcasm