Man commits suicide after being denied goods.

Indeed. Nywele makamasi would fuck a camel or goat to relieve their blue balls.

ghasia jipange kupelekwa Afmadhow

This is why it is a bad idea to marry if you are broke. This is also why there needs to be a big income differential between the man and the woman, in the man’s favor. If you earn 10 times what your wife earns, she can’t keep up this BS of denying you sex. You can always close the bank if she decides to close her legs. Ndoa ni power play, when it is all said and done.

Thank God there are more Betas in this country than us Alufas. It’s a poon nirvana for the few of us.

Usiharibie mijikemda jina tafasari. Hapana tambua io ngombe umetaja

Sledgehammer ni kalenjin ya Nakuru

Mama has been having action all night when the Mzee is at work… Not in the mood for more SEX… :oops:

I had a doctor friend who told me he won’t let his wife work because he needs her anytime he’s off work considering his 72-hour shifts.

He was the only top euthanasist for 3 hospitals in a general area.

Kazi yake ni kuua watu?

Not like the Kenyan ones… :D:D:D:D

Doctors have a duty to report all unnatural deaths to the municipal pathologist. In cases of euthanasia, the latter then notifies a regional review committee. Such committees comprise, at the minimum, a medical doctor, an ethicist and a legal expert. The committee assesses whether the physician who performed the euthanasia has fulfilled the statutory due care criteria. The review committee procedure is intended to ensure greater transparency and consistency in the way cases are reported and assessed.
The procedure benefits both the Public Prosecution Service and physicians. The statutory criteria and the findings of the review committees tell doctors how their actions in particular cases are likely to stand up to legal, medical and ethical scrutiny.

Wewe ni Doc?

The dude clearly goes to job every morning to kill sick people and report it to government.

God will give him 77virgins in heaven.