no pogba, no zlatan, no smalling, no roho…but who are we? THE RED DEVILS… Our push for top 4 starts with this derby…Rashford is needed to outperform aguero, fellaini is much needed to kill yayas game… All we need is luck…


Man City Win.

OV 2.5

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Man u ni gutee… How can you support a devil irie man?

You have an iq of a fish… But dont blame you… Handle your highness. Don’t let the highness handle you… Do you overstand kingman?


Rasta no fight rasta… But wish your team looses nmewekerea giri fefteen kwa man city… All about money kingman

A very nervous game for me. One, it’s that derby that we really want to win. Two, it’s the perfect chance to leap into top four ahead of Liverfools and City and lastly stakes high for Mou against Pep considering we unluckily lost the first leg.
Nuffield we need to pull another Chelsea on city regardless of Injuries. The we need luck and class.


You will loose kabogo styro… You wait

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Am nervous too that i cant deny… We just need to be united, unity is the key thing, cohesiveness and 100%giving all our best… I cant watch this game… But am bound ti drink kidogo jus to ease the nervousness… A big game we have

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Your addiction to betting is the route course of you siding with one opponent yet i know your mind was neutral before you placed your stakes… Wewe, tokambio, kyach na wengineo you should stop betting and enjoy football as it is

Mimi kama mtu Wa Manchester nime wekea Ciry

You have let football emotions control the better part of your brain. Sorry for telling you the truth. "Can’t watch without drinking to ease nervousness "

Man utd. Wins 3-1

Mimi niko hapa nikustream tu hii game…but niko na hope hatutatingwa bao mingi…hehehe

Aguero brace, Sane killer goal. Man meffi ombitho. Anyway may the best manure win. Mimi nitatosheka na draw

Hebu nipatieni link

MUFC inatomba majamaa ngoja muone

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Jirani toa swara hapa

Sawa psychiatrist

Jirani Ako?

Mourinho na basi yake :D:D:D