Man Cave

I have been thinking of renting a small studio apartment or a simple one bedroom as my man cave away from my normal apartment. I stay with my other half but I realized that sometimes, I need some very solitude moments, just staying alone and this would come in handy, and of course the occasional away matches. But my worry is, will this lead to more away matches and possibly maybe adversely dent my relationship? Who’s done so?[ATTACH=full]228431[/ATTACH]

The Shit married niggas go through…SMH

Also please suggest possible areas and cost implications of getting one…

yeah, i would be modest, max 15k


and secure.

Hivo ndio tu utajipata unalea familia mbili

Beta males problems… Can’t relate

I can assure you it is an idiotic endeavor. Not only are we men just forgetfull but you should expect to get caught. You are better off getting a hotel room anytime you need a shag outside your relationship. Fucking around in a relationship should not be the norm. You will destroy your relationship if at all you care about it or your girl.

holy sh*t!!!
and thats my greatest worry man,

Why don’t you get an office space, a small office in town or near where you live… most commercial offices landlords wont care much what you do with this space as long as its legal and you pay rent on time… Make it a place you can go to sit relax work on a few business ideas, study… have business meetings etc. work on a side hustle this will be much more productive use of your time & money…

This will be place you can come and relax too! Away from home during times you need to attend to your inner introvert!

I found out that it’s necessary for a man once in a while to seclude himself from his wife or girl and go somewhere different where he will be free from all shenanigans…

I recommend you get a man cave

thanks for this piece of advice

good advice full of wisdom

thank you Mr. Wiseman,

Yeah this will be security too incase God forbid (am assuming you employed) you get terminated or job ends, you have somewhere to wake up to and go, most employed people have this issue, when the job ends they have ‘nothing’ to do for months! :smiley: incase you decide to go into self employment you will have an office already…

15k ni nyumba inaishi familia kama tatu huku mtaani…,
lanes lakini

Kumar ni ile ile na itakutupa kwa shida mingi kwanza hiyo ya inje juu lazima itajulikana na pipi.

hahahhaa, man it depends with location. In some areas, a bedsitter goes for about 35k

thanks sana mzito