Man arrested after pulling a "boniface mwangi" stunt on langata road

cc @Mangele …pole kwa masaibu
well…as seen below in his thread,talkers(me) had already tried advising him it is dumb for an ordinary kenyan to do such…coz yea,Boniface is not as ordinary…


A city man’s attempt to emulate activist Boniface Mwangi locking a VIP motorcade has landed him in court.
A day after Boniface Mwangi had blocked a government vehicle, Mr Saidi Musa Jobba did the same to a convoy of four cars that was driving on the wrong side of Langata road Wednesday morning.
However, one police officer in one of the vehicles remained behind to facilitate the man’s arrest by calling Langata police.
Jobba was later presented at Kibera Law Court and charged with disobeying police instructions.
The charge sheet read: “Failing to obey any instructions given whether verbal or by signal by police officers in the execution of their duty contrary to the Traffic Act (Cap 403) of the Kenya Law.”
He pleaded not guilty and was released on Sh10, 000 cash bail. The case will be heard on March 4, 2019.
In a tweet, Boniface Mwangi indicated that he was at Kibera Court waiting for Jobba to be charged. The activist claimed Jobba was being charged with drunk driving.
“I am in court Kibera Law Courts waiting for @s_jobba to be charged. He was driving on Langata Road when he encountered a motorcade on the wrong side of the road. He obeyed the law and stayed on his lane.@NPSOfficial_KE are charging him with drunk driving,” he tweeted alongside a video of the Wednesday incident.

Today pia kunafaa kukuwe na another blocker hadi wajue Kenya si yao pekee yao


Kabla Moses avuke Red Sea

thats a small price which kenyans should be ready to pay if we are to take back our. Country from those parasitic capitalist dynasties. unfortunately, our middle class will not give up its temporary comforts for long-term liberty.

I think they are more upset because after the VIPs have passed the road is free for all. Wenye Mercedes, pedestrians, Probox, matatu and lorries.

Kenyans huwa waoga sana. I saw even lawyers like David Makali and Benji Ndolo telling Boni that police have the right to harrass him if he blocks a convoy driving on the wrong side of the road. Ghaseer tu.

I doubt any of those you’ve mentioned are lawyers but I could be wrong?

Sawa, they’ve identified in the past as political activists, although they now draw fat salaries as “consultants”. I just expected them to be on Boni’s side, that’s all.

That simple act is enough to overthrow a stupid government, I don’t think that can happen anywhere else in the world. The impunity in this country stinks to the low hell.