Mammoth Elastoplast Rally

[SIZE=6]Rutto Bomet rally to launch Super Alliance[/SIZE]

A weekend rally is touted as a massive thanksgiving prayer assembly for Bomet Governor Isaac Rutto, but the convergence of key opposition chiefs on Sunday signals the birth of the national super alliance, NASA.

The alliance is a potentially formidable initiative uniting them against President Uhuru Kenyatta and the Jubilee Party machine next year.

It aims to undermine Deputy President William Ruto’s influence in his South Rift Valley backyard, where some leaders are shepherding the key region’s voters away from the ruling Jubilee coalition.

Sources familiar with the planning said the meeting will be the first public appearance by opposition leaders to assure the public Uhuru will face a united team.

They tell the Star the super alliance is to be announced, though the deal is expected to be signed in December.

That ka-bandage will be milked to the last drop of glue.



Oh shait. Too deadly.

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The joke in Bomet is that gov. Rutto has gone full circle. From losing his Chebalungu seat to Koech in 1997 for hospitalising/beating his mboch after she demanded he takes responsibility of impregnating her to 2017 when Deputy speaker Laboso uppercut that took him for hospitalization in S.A. Ofcourse She didn’t do it but the joke that even now women are beating him is very demeaning in Kipsigis culture.


he…he… kenyans, kenyans, kenyans

wacha baba (WNBP) arudi kutoka naija

WNPB nini hii?

[SIZE=1]Will nefa pi blesident[/SIZE]



WNPB for real:D:D:D:D:D

hapana it means “Wachana Na Baba Priss”.

JaKuon rains on the Elastoplast® Parade:

[SIZE=6]Raila Kericho tour pushed due to ‘unforeseen circumstances’ - ODM
[SIZE=4]I believe that JaKuon and his inner circle are playing that game they played on Wetang’ula on his presidential bid launch. They are not very warm to the idea of NASA, or anything that could create a situation where ODM cannot give goD the usual unopposed status.

What is Isaac Rutto to do? Without JaKuon, his event will be pretty bland, yet he cannot postpone his ‘healing’ and come back another day. It is very likely that ka-Wiper and Mr. Pillport will also find ways to avoid being there on Sunday.[/SIZE]

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