Mambo Wanawake Hupitia

@Purple nawaonea huruma sana


Women got deceived that the fight for gay/trans rights was similar to that of women’s rights. They’re quickly realizing it was an own goal.

My wonder is how does a person with a penis get confused into believing he is not a man?Ile wasimu iko huko America mathare patients are saints

So if @rexxsimba wants to osha macho in United States, he will just identify as a woman and walk into the women’s spa with his diick swinging?

They made their bed and now they must lie in it.

i wont mind a war btn ANTIFA and LGBTQ community , they kill each other takataka

So lame…
Firstly , what business does any man have in a Spa …??
2 Showers a day is enough to keep me clean…
Once a month Haircut , Facial Steam , Manicure / Pedicure does it for me … :smiley: :smiley:

1 is more than enough