mama wetu

Apewe kiti [ATTACH=full]60540[/ATTACH]

She’s up to the task!

Doesn’t make sense. Amina was well poised to play a leading role in UN when she was poached for a ministerial post here at home. AU is a mere paper tiger, no power whatsoever. Even Zuma’s wife is happily relinquishing the post for local politics. What happened to Mwencha? he was acting for a while and he did well

Sasa utaskia zikisema aliachana na Waiguru sasa ni Amina.

Seconded. Huyu mama anatosha.

No, they won’t. Amina’s daughter is dating Muhoho, Uhuru’s son.

I believe she is qualified but the pertinent question is the usefulness of AU to our continent.

Don’t worry, Talker Sir! They can always give it to another woman, perhaps the one from West Africa! Amina will wait for that ‘powerful’ position YOU had reserved for her at the UN, donge?

She is equal to the task. She has my vote, if it counts

huyu momo naweza kunja mpaka aimbe kikamba

Ms. Mohamed is a gem in the Jubilee administration and I would prefer to see her continue her stellar job. High level UN and AU appointments are all pomp and endless photo-ops, excessive perks and privileges, with little room for the creativity and strategic problem-solving that she has exhibited in the past 4 years.

The question is, who are her opponents and which countries do they come from? Such positions require a lot of lobbying.

He has to convert to islam before akaribie nunu

Her Pakistani husband is flooding Kenya with illegally imported cheap quality rice.

What are her achievements as Foreign Sec for Kenya ? Sijakua nikifuata

Why? The guy smokes like a malfunctioning W. Cylinder.

why cant you see the long ball being played here

wacha kutoboa siri

Huyo Msichana ni Nani


which ball. AU is toothless and leaving a domestic seat for it is actually a step down