Mama Nginya Kinjatta angesemaje?


Nje wewe?? this third-party persona in a plot we are part of, where did root from?? why the fuck can’t you look at your life and ask yourself some of this damn questions?
Fck this shit.

Wacha upussy

Philanthropy is something that’s widely absent in our DNA.

you mean “Je” ?

Nje = outside.

You illiterate fuccks are the reason Jameson 1 is president.

Considering nginas contribution to the economy ,I would give her the ventilator and let this younger rieng Chieth die

What contribution has she done except furthering the plunder started by her late thieving husband?

Managing that " wealth" apana mucheso,it takes brains which The Gashokas ,Tujus ,karumes don’t have. Just imagine what would happen if brookside or Nic bank collapsed ?

wewe mang’aa. How did you come to conclusion that it was a typo? Gassier!!! (Correct that also)


No prizes for guessing whether the buffoon did, or not.

Actually nnje = outside. Notice the extra n


Another illiterate Jubilidiot ? Kababa ulifika ata form 2 kweli ?

I am convinced my shit has more IQ than your pathetic self

These new fucks are dumb as fuck and cant understand simple ktalk protocol


don’t hate the player hate the game…if you were in her circle am sure you would do the same

Peasants , should understand how to use the process/ system to their advantage instead of crying about how unfair it is to them,that’s the difference between billionaires and peasants

Buffoon najua unatafuta inje, but nnje pia ni Kiswahili sanifu.