Mama Ngina shaving Muthoni Kirima

Isn’t it a show of extreme disrespect that now Mama Ngina, the widow of the man that betrayed the Mau May has the audacity to shave the dreadlocks of Field Marshal Muthoni Kirima, the widow of Dedan Kimathi when;

  1. The remains of Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi have not been produced for decent burial
  2. The land rights of the mau mau and their children stand trampled on and forgotten
  3. The Kikuyu nation has seemingly risen against their internal oppressors, and this maybe an attempt to pacify them prematurely

The audacity with which she did this is atrocious

Mama ya Uhunye is emerging as one of the most detestable figures in Kenya.

Such a PR nightmare to have around in public.

Ambie kijana yake aweke chupa chini kidogo alipe watu wa mafuta !

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Yeaaah, about that. If it actually had she wouldn’t even show her scummy face in public

How did Kenyatta disenfranchise the mau mau ? , maybe you need to revisit the history of land buying companies and settlement schemes, which heavily favored the Kikuyus.
I mean, in some of these settlement schemes, all one needed to do was to register and be allocated a few acres under his/her name, it was a good time to be a kikuyu.
Those who missed land back then weren’t up to task , as late as early 80’s, the plots and farms in Kiganjo thika were almost given for free, same applies to Makongeni thika.
Hii mamvo ya yapping about Kenyatta disenfranchised mau mau is a pile of manure.


Sema endless court battles, under the old constitution the President had the powers to allocate land, same as in colonial Kenya, the land belonged to the Crown, how do we proceed from here ?

At least get your facts right as you spew your hate.

Bootlickers wamefika. Hata wadeenywe rasa na jameson1 watasema ati the law is very clear

Enough of this shït already

What are you blabbering about? Any link to this activity/story ndo tuelewe?

Dedan Kimathi’s window is called Mukami Kimathi.
The lady in subject here was a general herself. The only woman general and a field Marshall.

Niaje mujamaa wa Banana.

Uliambia aje your in-laws kutoka Ndaragwa after khupipi eloped with her Spanish lover?

Well said, The thirst for land was not that high up until the turn of the millennium. Many people were not avid about acquiring land as they are today. But those who were. They definitely got the bigger share. Unfortunately the Kenyatta’s were one of them.
However this doesn’t water down the fact that majority of the people who rose to administrative positions then, were sons and daughters of colonial homeguards, reason, they had some education. It is important to mention at this juncture that those who resisted the British, resisted everything about them, including the most coveted education by then.
With the little education they had, they got the leadership positions, got some money to join the land settlement schemes, and from then the narrative began. But if you may ask my honest opinion there was no such a thing as favouritism!!

Kikuyu were favoured, all a kikuyu needed to do was to show up. As for Jomo Kenyatta, we’re talking of a man who by 1930 was earning a salary as a meter reader, he had a salary then, down the line, he became a Principle of an institution in the colonial era, who else worked for the colonial government, not necessarily as a homeguard but in other capacity ? , and what potential of buying land did these Civil servant possess at independence ?
We should also count over shelves lucky, that wahindi were not mainly interested in Agriculture, and there apepite for land was at all time low.

people have to understand that the title general or field marshall in the context of mau mau had no military significance. to be mau mau you had to take a basic oath, and as you continued serving and proving loyalty, you could take other oaths of increasing significance and get allocated more sensitive and dangerous duties. thus, according to the mau mau, the level of oath one had equated to a rank. the oaths were not perfectly systematized and is why we hear of many generals and fieldmarshalls and almost no corporals. About Kenyatta - his more youthful anti colonial activities were inspiration for the mau mau. but he was not the founder neither did he organize, lead or support the mau mau. he or his wives never partook in the oath.

Acha upuuuus buana :D:D
Nko gangari ndani ya PLANTESHEN … april 1st ilipita


Yes, that is what money does in Kenya. Those with money shave those without money to show that those shaved have abided and accepted the rules given to them to follow by the rich. Why did the woman want to be shaved? or did they just want to make news content for fellow Kenyans? This old women have dramas since technology came

One of the secrets of the oaths was that you could not tell if you had taken it, even on pain of death. So no historian can say with certainty who had taken it and who had not.