Mama Ngina Defends Uhuru...Will GEMA Listen?

jezebel anatememeka na hiyo mlevi yake

Hold On …
But has William Ruto all along not been part and parcel of the whole mess …???
Bure Kabisa …:mad:

Bumpy ride ahead

Huyu Shosho mjinga akufe atuondolee ujinga

Hadi mama anaingilia! Things are elephant kwanza in kiambu

Was undecided…but now I know who I won’t vote for.

Kenya Kwanza manenos

wasapere tuko nyuma ya Mama Ngina , mwizi wa Sugoi wont come near the presidency

TBH, what you describe is a rarity… an exception, rather than a rule.

Visionary Servant Leaders would only be birthed by a Visionary society full of Integrity.

The politicians we get are an accurate depiction of what we are as a country.

We are a corrupt people. The teacher is corrupt, the policeman, the employer and employee. Funny thing is that all of us sit together and point at the corruption of politicians.

Think about it, how many people can you trust with your own personal interests?

How many people in your close circles can you trust with your finances? How many people are you sure can have access to your finances and not skim a little off the top?

Well, those people are the very ones who rise to positions of power and influence. People whom their own friends and family couldn’t trust to act in integrity. These are the people given unbridled access to state resources and expected to act with integrity.

The disease isn’t political, it’s social

Of course he was…

Kama vile tu WSR hakuwa mwizi 2007 kwa Raila, na 2013 na 2017 kwa Uhuru

Weuuh, lugha ya taifa inalishwa sweeps

Who are “they”? Did you see “they” anywhere on the ballot in 2013 and 2017? Personally saw UhuRuto, not dynasty or “they,” and voted against both of them dirty twats

The people in Baringo an Lamu would say something else

Sasa, wakenya wakikataa project yako ,ni kitu ya kuambia mamako kweli

All of Baringo and all of Lamu?

The bigger part of Baringo, and Lamu, and all other parts of Kenya you didn’t mention would agree…

And being a democracy…

She shamelessly forgot the insults her son who she raised ‘well’ rained on Jakuon yesteryears…wooi lakini ile kichapo shosho amepata online…hatarudia campaigns tena.:D:cool:.

Sir , I really appreciate your answer but do not quite agree with you …

How different are societies that produced Mandela , Seretse Khama , Nyerere , Magufuli and Kagame so different from our own … ???

None of the above was born under special circumstances or with a silver spoon in their mouth …

Let’s just go to Tanzania …

I am not a fan of all their leadership and governance method , but , one has to envy their nationalism , cohesion , leadership handover and vision … ( …Kikwete , Magufuli , Samia Suluhu …)

While here it is grand Corruption , ineptitude , Impunity and bankrupt wheelbarrow bottom-up sugoi hustlers pedaling falsehoods 24/7…

Personally , I believe it is the CHOICES we make as Voters …

In our population of 48 million , there must be at least 1000 men and women of visions and ready to be faithful , accountable , servant leaders …

There must be … :D:D

Again, those are exceptions.

TZ has been under one-party rule and no rights exist in TZ. RN, people are agitating for a new constitution.

Only JPM made any moves worth any note…

JPM was their KIBAKI

It’s not a voter prob, it’s a social prob. It’s not that voters get very good options and pick the demons over the angels, we get nasty folk on the ballot, and pick the one you deem less dangerous to your interests.

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D Shuwali?

You are my worst enemy coz you support my peoples’ killer,but i can’t wish you death.
Dont wish them death to make you look cool on an anonymous forum