Mama Ngina Akisema Raila Tosha, Hakuna Kitu Kitamzuia Kuingia Statehouse 2022. She OWNS KENYA

Huyu mama ni kama Queen Elizabeth wa Kenya.


If you have a Safaricom SIM card wewe jua kila siku unalipa huyu mama pesa kiasi fulani.
Mshwari, Fuliza transacations are managed by Comercial Bank Of Africa. Out of transaction cost ya Ksh 27 mama anapata kama Ksh 9, next transaction cost ya kuwithdraw Ksh 2,501-3,500 ni Ksh 50 mama anakukata Ksh 18.
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They have influence over CBK, KDF, Kenya Police, Kenya Ports, Kenya Railways, KCC, Inland Container Deport, Kengen, KPLC

Not that simple

Shughulika na kuinua mzazi wako afikie angalau .00000001% ya 1st lady.

The real definition of a dynasty. This country is screwed five ways to sunday

Arror has been to the mountain, has seen the mountains beyond the mountain, and no mountain is insurmountable to him. No person is too strong for Arror.

Its just that the bullet is easy to conceal, and its hard to escape secret arrows, otherwise nothing else can stop him so long as he is alive.

I have an insider at KPLC. She actually confirmed mama ngina owns 50%shares. I always thought its just propaganda.
These family is seriously wealthy

Arror ata jinyea sikufichi

They have influence over CBK, KDF, Kenya Police, Kenya Ports, Kenya Railways, KCC, Inland Container Deport, Kengen, KPLC

Hii ndio maana ya State Capture. Hata Makende za Ruto ziko Captured hawezi hii dynasty. Not that I support Kenyatta Family but it will take eons for us to free ourselves from their grasp.

Its very simple just legislation

It is true.

In CBA Bank they control 24.9%, this bank together with KCB do banking for huge Corporates such as Safaricon, EABL, Kenya Airways, Kengen which are ALREADY their own companies. Ni money laundering on a gigantic scale.

Labda aibe. Aukot for president.

They have credible intelligence that Arror has the will and the way, to reverse all that, io ndio reason wanataka kusimamisha safari yake, at whatever cost. Mambo ya NIS na KDF wachana nayo, they are never loyal to anyone. KDF haiwezi kukusaidia kwa politics, ukiwatoa kwa barracks wataanza na kumalizana wenyewe kwa wenyewe sababu kila soldier ako na tribe yake, io ndo sababu hawahusishwi kwa siasa. Officers who train at Lanet are Uhuru’s people, but the real soldiers train at Eldoret, wengi wao ni kalenjins, and are cut from the same clothe as Arror, they will never take unlawful orders to harm their fellow citizens, they will not protect you.

With that power and wealth…adding Dictator Mo1…she didn’t stop Kibaki 2002!

Hii ni kidogo sana go to some African countries especially North na west Africa …pesa ya mafuta inafanya hii inakaa childs play.

But those “real soldiers” are subordinates to officers.

Learn to say “Ngina.” usituletee mama this mama that hapa. Mama ya nani si labda yako.

Na uyo Ngina alikuwa mboch wa Kenyatta

Mentality yako mbaya omwami…

Here Is The Source Of That Wealth.

I’m hoping akikufa Shaitani ata DFBLHKS yeye huko deepest hell.


@sani wacha uwongo Lanet barrack trains officers from all tribes.Sijasikia about ya Eldoret but if it does what you are saying,then Ruto should never be let near presidency…Huo ni ukabila unaendelezwa huko