mama mboga (short hekaya)

Pombe imenionyesha maneno Umoja, I will never forget June 2015. This woman entered the pub at around 22:45 hours, I was on my 9th Guinness bottle, very drunk and silly, I approached the lady and introduced myself to her, I seduced her akakubali kunipea kuma, we staggered home coz she was high on spirits, I can’t tell whether we fucked because by the time I was getting up around 4 in the morning we were totally naked, I rushed to the loo to pee, came back then we begun fucking, it was a very thrilling experience, I drilled the fat bitch till kitu 5:30 taking turns to rest after cumming, I then fell asleep up to 9, I woke up, brushed teeth then woke the bitch who was snoring like a pig, I saw wonders, she was a well known mama mboga, well known in my neighbourhood by everyone. My apartment was opposite a building where other idle housewives converge in a verandah to talk about everyone, monitor and evaluate who ever enters or come out of houses, it was my turn, I just gave that lady 500ksh, told her to leave, all those sneaky neighbours had been spotting me with extraordinary cute lasses but I guess they nicknamed me “ule jamaa wa mama mboga”


Ilibidi utembee na mask

Wah…I can only imagine the shame. Halafu hao wamama wa kusengenya watu huketi place strategic lazima upitie


:smiley: Je, huu ni ungwana?

Pwahahahahah! Masaibu ya fobe.

Mama mboga pia wanahitaji mapenzi.

Hio ni rahisi. your wear a full metal jackets and take the joke lightly while praising mama mboga then ensure the cute lasses flow is constant. Your story will die a natural death. woe unto you if you start looking guilty, utaona moto



9th guiness bottle… very drunk and silly… but ukajua ameingia 22:45…
ni sawa tu

before you feel ashamed just ask : what would @uwesmake do?


Nigga once ferked a marsupial.

Pope John Poke All :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: anaingia simo zote isipokua ya nyoka.

:D:D:D wooii

Hehehehe kuna place nilikuwa naishi Dohni, ground floor kwa entrance ilikuwa na saloons mbili. Unaingia na dem na kila madhe anaanza kuongea. Nagonga vitu bila huruma dem akitoka nywele haiko vile alikuja. Tunapita nikiwapatia smile wakuwe na new material ya kuongea


Boss, kuna kazi inakungojea pale Turkana, ngamia-1 …Tullow Oil