Mama Mboga Karibu Avunjwe Mkono Nakuru Kwa Salimia Mwizi Bila Ruhusa

The political scene globally is currently very dangerous.

I think they have to take these precautions because anyone could be an assassin.

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Nah these guys are just assholes. I remember when Uhuru won in 2017 and he was doing a victory lap in Ruaraka. Those GSU officers shoved a man approaching him so hard that he fell into the muddy culvert. Hata wewe jaribu kusonga karibu na MP wako bila ruhusa. His bodyguards will beat you senseless.


The stupid girl jumped the queue so a to be the first to greet @Jambazi hence disrupting protocol.
She should have waited in line.


Jambasi with his fake greetings… what if one of them answered, " i am not well" would he care to find out what is the matter?! …