Mama Ida Odinga!

You are a rock solid woman! A hero, everything u have done for this republic is unrepayable. Honour and respect! I wish great health and a very long long long life! God bless!

What has she done for the Republic?

Who is Mama Ida Odinga?

:D:D:D:D:D…beta male tulia , baba s success ,heroic acts and patriotism can’t be transferred through diffusion to a third party,this things are earned my fren

She has been feeding and ‘feeding’ the Enigma.


Check the facts and get back to me.

The wife of Raila Odinga.

Tell me you voted for JUBILEE otherwise I cannot deal

the feeding seems to be weakening baba

Naskia Ida alipea Moi kuma dryfry ndio asiuwe Agwambo

Baba ni musito hii Kenya ,even the most diehard jubilee fanatic knows this, it’s a fact however he isn’t the only one, Karua ,Orengo ,kalonzo,mudavadi or Ruto are heavyweight who have national presence and respect ,I can bet a pretty penny that apart from Ida being baba’s wife she doesn’t hold any meaningful say in national or regional politics,she is just an older, mature woman who married an already successful and popular man.

Kujaza choo tu


Waaaa let’s not disrespect Mama Ida Odinga. What wrong has she done other than standing by her man and le familia? A very strong woman if you ask me. She’s been thru unnecessary hell.
Much respect Mama.

Unataka kusema hajazangi choo?

I conquer

I respect that woman