Malong's sister graduates


Siwezi lipa more than 150

Sudan is a shit hole. Civil wars still rage, the media just got tired of reporting about it

Quite true

She is ugly.

Post your pic and let talkers decide who is ugly.

I am known as the ugliest talker for a reason, but that doesn’t diminish this orge’s ugliness. Amechapa ata KEBS wamemkataa.

Wakandans like Umar Johnson, @BantuSupremacy and @LuandaMagere pretend to be Afro conscious while in reality they wouldn’t go for such a dark sister. They want that brown skin who doesn’t ‘shrab’.

That white goddess. That snow white bunny.

Umar Johnson :

Dr. Umar Johnson has two wives

Malcolm X kwanza alikuwa ana date wazungu pekee. He had no interest in black women. He only married one for obvious political reasons.

[SIZE=7]Malcolm X[/SIZE] first great love of Malcolm X’s life was a white woman, whom Malcolm named ‘Sophia’ in his Autobiography but whose real name was Beatrice Caragulian Bazarian. Photo Courtesy of Paul Bitakaramire

Boss ,Snow bunnies are white women ,not light skin African women.

Second of all ,I do go date Darkskin women - alot actually ,matter of fact ,
I was dating a Darkskin woman not to long ago.(That’s another hekaya though)

I’ve even made threads here to promote women with melanin.

Speak for yourself.