malindi windpower moves to tanzania

A Swedish firm that wanted to construct Africa’s largest wind power plant in Malindi at a cost of Sh253 billion has relocated the investment to Tanzania, citing frustration by Kenyan authorities.

VR Holding AB had last year expressed interest in building a 600-megawatt (MW) wind farm in the Indian Ocean waters bordering Ras Ngomeni in Malindi, but Ministry of Energy officials turned down the request citing lack of a framework for renewable energy projects of that scale besides low demand for electricity in the country.

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And you thought it’s free, it’s an investment not a donation. So we should just accept investments and pay for them even if we are not going to utilise it?
For an old man you are quite daft.


Please pigeni laini hapa nyuma yangu tuseme RWNBP na Sweden ni meffi


Good riddance.
Wind power is so unreliable yet we would be paying for the 600MW installed capacity. I would applaud the ministry officials for this. I wish the investor would assist in exploring the rich geothermal sites in the Rift…


Before you gnash your teeth be cognizant of the facts first.

Yes, Ministry of Energy has halted issuing anymore wind power contracts. Its expensive to the consumer at 9cts compared to 5 cents for geothermal and 3 cents for hydro. Its also unreliable at 60% efficiency. However its biggest challenge is that it takes up huge pieces of land. For example the LTWP takes up 30000 acres of semi arid land but the community there feel aggrieved about it. The Lamu wind project has stalled over cases and counter cases in court over its proposed 25000 acre land allocation. Kinangop wind project failed because land owners and the investor couldn’t agree on land compensation. Same to this Malindi wind project. The local community was resistant to it because of land. In Kenya focus has shifted to cheap and reliable baseload power production of geothermal, hydro and nuclear. Solar is ok for remote places in North Kenya. Coal is facing resistance at the ground. Wind has been halted. Its taking too much time officials time to constantly negotiate and renegotiate with locals on behalf of investor in the ground.


You know nothing about my life. For you to insinuate me to be daft and yet you know nothing about me is daft by itself.Peleka ujinga mbali.Counter my facts with yours and not insults…

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how about solar? I want to know your take on it. is the jubilee government anti-solar energy too?

this is just internet fool. I gnash my teeth in here but in real life I cry about whats going on. peleka pia wewe ujinga mbali unasikia

RWNBP… Get that inside your thick neanderthal skull…


I just did, you are still daft if you didn’t see them. I once thought age brings wisdom but you and your ilk are working so hard to disapprove that.

Solar should only be considered if all others fail. Example is remote areas of North Kenya where Rural Electrification Authority is building small and medium size solar plants for primarily day usage. At night its useless. You can’t store large solar current i.e 1MW on batteries. Its the most unreliable power in the world at less than 50% and works on a few hours a day I.e 7am to 6pm. Its only recommended for home use to save on your grid power usage during the day. Solar power is also the most expensive power at 12-15 cents and requires a lot of maintenance. Yes its green but expensive, unreliable and hard to maintain. Only considered on off grid areas. Let that Swedish company try geothermal plants its contracts are due for tendering on PPP. Getting land lease in Tz for foreigners is x100 harder. That statement was a desperate attempt to get GoK to force the issue of taking the malindi land by force. It wouldn’t happen. Right now it doesn’t matter if you take $1 billion to Ministry of Energy and ask for Wind power licence. You will be directed to geothermal, Hydro or Nuclear. So yes Jubilee government is anti-solar power for grid power but welcomes individual home owners to put up their own panels.


the devil is in the details my friend…unapost hapa something bila kufanya research…

This thread is daft…soooo…

Politics aside, solar is generally expensive in the start up costs. The last time I bought a panel back in 2011, it cost around ksh 300/ watt. This was the period the government had ‘lifted taxes’ on solar products.


Thank you. I’m now informed

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I got no time engaging you. If you think I’m posting daft items, let the ignore button rescue you from my regurgitation.don’t reply because you’ll look like you eating my yourself out

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huwesmake pande ya matusi. but you are wise to agree and be corrected. Heshima kwako, you are not daft!

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