Malindi sold to Italians

Naomi Campbell has been leading the charge with her billionaire friends and was even given the position of Magical Kenya International Tourism Ambassador.

We let these fcks come buy land and settle here yet we cant go as immigrants to their countries. And Jambasi is talking of curving out parts of the coast to them. Then they will come create communities where we as the locals wont even have access to. Upus.


Have some money and you’ll know that you can as well buy anything in those countries. Humphrey Kariuki is a Kenyan Cypriot because he has money. Prolly owns some stuff over there.


Malindi has always belonged to Italian criminals evading justice from their country.

OP is a low IQ bonobo


Pesa my friend kenya needs hard cash

Waunde factory ya ramboghini tupate kazi


Hautaki ya Bakadidi ama Arfa Romeo?

Cypriots wanauza citizenship for $200k. Nikipata naweza nunua pia.

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Nikiwa president of Kenya in 2047, North Eastern, nta lease to Israel and Japan for 100 years.


Nabii anafaa kuexport wakamba kama lanye. Wako na mkia tight

Bigger portions along Malindi beach has been owned by Italians, Germans and Pure Arabs for over a century.

Kenyan bigwigs own part of it too.

Wauziwe half of coast province na wajenge viwanda na kuanzisha ukulima wa kisasa

Hakukai vumbistan

There’s a talker who was based somewhere in the Middo East that used to call it labogin. Who was that and where did he disappear to?

chifu bonobo @Ndindu ako nyuma yako juu ya ii maono akijitayarisha kukupumulia kisogo bukusu


Malindi is very elegant, especially hiyo stretch ya Casuarina road.

Bonobos are ecstatic. The only problem they have is dark skinned monkeys owning anything in their land. If all of Italy moved to Malindi they would have a wank party to celebrate. Their fear and hate is reserved for the monkey phenotypes amongst them

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Shida iko?
Italians are good for the local economy.

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