Malindi 16

I used to work as a club bodii @ this dingy joint around 001 county famed for free-for-all brawls & cheap whores whom always had this pungent sickly flowery smell( usually the pub brawls were either caused by these Lassies or for them).As a bouncer you had to be tough & menacing enough to repel any"vurugu"even if it meant engaging in the never ending fist fights.tough career, tough life & poor pay made us daring enough to find ways to make that extra dough I.e whenever we threw you out of the club we’d make sure you left minus your phone & wallet,na juu pesa ni shetani I remember two years ago we got a juicy deal from a private developer to evict a certain foreigner from a certain resort around malindi area there were 16 of us all burly & pumped with euphoria on the “easy” task ahead,so we positioned ourselves around the area & managed to assemble all the workers including the guards,since we looked & were clad like c.I.d’s they had to oblige to our demands,so the deal was to evict everyone out of the area & lock the premises,little did we know that the area beach boys had alerted the owner whom also alerted the area administration police eti alshabaab wamevamia maskan yako,now with the gate being only a few meters away to easy cash suddenly all hell broke loose when a lorry full of a.p police in their full battle regalia stormed the area,nakwambia ilikuwa miguu niponye,I remember one of our “leaders” alikula rungu akatema molars kadhaa chini.11 of us got caught but the rest of us ran & hid @ nearby shrubs till the heat cooled down.kazi ya ubodii niliiachia hapo…to be cont’d


jina ni calamity…OK!

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Usiendelee please.


Endelea priss.

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Rudisha hio font to default kwanza. Inaumiza macho


Typed through the rain…summer sequel coming soon…

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Morale nayo


Total balaa bado

Calamity is just warming up

elders naombeni tafasali nisafishwe mecho…

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@calamity= @Meria Mata

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Endelea bana

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a little bit too eloquent for a bouncer…

NV unatumia font ya admin?


ua thinking is very retrogressive my friend…ii kenya watu wamesoma

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Its a living dude,so long as we make ends meet…

I was just saying that his writing skills are quite polished and could be something that he could consider exploring further instead of being MIB for hire

Hapo umenichanganya kidogo ama namna gani mwarimu?

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