Malik Plaza on fire, expensive cars on fire.

Car dealership up in flames. Slightly used BMWs, Benzes and Land Cruisers are getting baked. Birrionare crying like a baby. Analipishwa na Mungu

wah sad,

Karma is a dick…it will fuvck u when u least expect it. Kwanza hizo gari za yard hazikuwangi na comprehensive insurance.


Hii ni biashara ya walalo

Peasants anthem

Arab Money launderers

Big loss

Slums huchomeka weekly, no TV station stops all news to cover such and actual human beings homes being burnt or kids are at risk. Lakini prado na vx mtumba Zikiwa at risk hatupumui.

I bought my second vehicle from there…saad!!

its always brought “in other news section”

alafu ati ni bwana alitupia bibi stove ,moto, then the whole slum imechomeka

Kenyans and rumours my God!

Wacha gari zichomeke

And so? Insurance will take care of the damages.

Share pics pls

Let me start another before day break.
Kenya vs Somali marine dispute getting uglier.

Hehehe nice one but that one iss a true

It’s all about the target audience, you sell news to a viable market, free to air tv is reliant on the ad business.

Probably insurance italipa…birrionaire apeleke pesa na pickup kwa bank (from a bunker in his home) ajaze source of the billions as part of the insurance compensation
My thoughts though.

Is it abracadabra, which insurance pays cash? There must be a paper trail.