Mali ya ango

This abomination inapea ango sleepless nights

WTF dude.


Cc: @captain obvious .

huyu si ule msee ujiita shanikwa?

Apana mbaya…I always say if you’re a woman and a biological male can make himuselefu more attractive than you, then it’s better to kill yuaselefu coz you’re completely useless.

:D:D:D hawa wamejaa Thailand. Niliskia huko you can’t tell who is what!


Tazama hii ndume bila filters kabla ya kuongea



Imagine your only son growing up to be like this.



Where the fuck are you people even getting these things. I don’t think he’s transgender. He’s hyper like a gay dude judging from that video. He just likes to dress in drag. Shit is gross.

Kumbe the word GA y is censored here lol


I bet this woman has a penis.




And Phillipines:D