Mali safi

Elders I need advice nimekuwa nikimezea Mali safi flani pale job sisi wenye tuko in charge na accounts we are allowed phones but hao they have to surrender there phones now am transferring to another job and now it’s high time to strike coz I believe it’s not wise kukamua a colleague remember they are not allowed relationships Kwa job how do I manage to get her phone number without ducking things up


Don’t shit where you eat…pia Mimi Niko na madam Mali safi in my masters class but I just Kent juu ya vile nilifanyiwa nikipursue my degree…it doesn’t end well

Hekaya inaload ama

Nilitombewa na lecturer Fulani Hadi Dem akabeba ball yake they are now married…end of story

Nimekazia for long pia but am transferring to another organization

Angalau ulichinjia na akaingia box na hio ndio muhimu. Wakubeba mzigo Wacha aendelee

Always approach, chinjia umalizane na mwanamke. We regret the things we never did yet we had the chance. Many years ago Kuna Dem sikumshow how I felt…na venye alikuwa anajileta. I spent most of my time in the library…:smiley:

The only time I would kamua a colleague is if I had the authority to fire her…i.e I am the boss…after kumada university I got a job huko Telkom Kenya for three months Jan - March 2020 then got laid off after corona struck of course with other guys and I think you can guess the criteria wasee walikuwa wanachujwa nayo

Manze nilikuwa nachekelewa na course mates mbaya …plus vile nilileta huyo dem juu na maswali mob I got a call from the lecturer aliniambia nitulie or I’ll never graduate

Hehe, but now you are wiser, usikuwe emotionally attached to them ama utaonyeshwa kivumbi

Therefore ukajoin mgtow team :D:D:D:D:D

Kwani anaishi mumo humo kazini? Ngojea yeye kwa gate then:
Talker: Hello. Long day eh?
Mali safi: Hello. (Confused about what you want)
Talker: I am _ and I work at _ department. What’s your name?
Mali Safi: I am _
Talker: Well, nice meeting you _. I am actually getting a transfer but I wouldn’t mind linking up for a lunch with you anytime when you’re free. Here’s my card. Nice meeting you again. Nice evening.

Mpee two weeks, akikosa kupiga kujia refund kwangu.

Itisha mkia like a man. Meffi

@Yuletapeli ,saidia Mimi na sketch drawing s kwa Manilla paper because I don’t understand how you can look at a Post wall chieth takataka office Waka who has been fucked before aingie first year mpaka akapata internship na permanent job then promotion after promotion na wewe uko hapa unafanya mahesabu ya graphs , logarithmic tables na geometrical set vile utakamua yeye ,yet there are very many horny,soft meat ghels straight from high school dining room hata Bado lips zao zinaonja top layer ?

enyewe employment is modern day slavery…Masharti mingi…

vile @Yuletapeli amesema usikuwe emotionally attached … that’s how I roll nowadays

kwani it’s a job interview? Play with her. Don’t say “What’s your name?” Instead, guess her name.

Wakati wa childish games za guess my name ndio elders hawananga. Straight to the point. Akupee ama akureject maisha isonge.