Mali safi

Macho ya elders isafishwe


Unamwita na binja na utwanga vitu hapo kwa bush. Quickie dry fry ya haraka haraka. Alafu arudi kuosha vyombo.

Massage oil small bottle pack was made for ghels like this one. Unamshika mkono and you lead her to the back yard. Place her facing the wall and order her to arch her back. Unashukisha sweat pant down to her knees.
Pour the oil into her butt crack kama tomato sauce.Apply the remaining oil on the glans of the mjulus. Spread the massage oil all over her butt crack using the mjulus with slow up and down movement until uskie unanyongwa na njoti. At that very moment, ingiza the mjulus deep into her pudhie from behind and mwaga ndani ndaaaani ndaaaaaaani.
Thrust Mara Tatu kiasi just to console yourself that you have tried to satisfy her sexually when you have just been selfish as fcuk.
Withdraw the mjulus pole pole and ask her ‘how was it?’.In case she doesn’t answer ask her again. Use her sweat pant to wipe the mjulus and ask her ‘Utaambia mtu?’. She will smile shyly, shake her head and look down as she pulls her sweat pant back up. Then atoke mbio aingie kwanyumba so that she goes upstairs to change before anyone sees her stained sweat pants.
Then my friend, you will have confirmed that you have a new pussy to bang anytime you want without saying a single word.

Ghassia ongeza picha, tulisema picha minimum Ni 10

hio imetosha kusafisha jicho moja.
Wapi zingine?



Hata kumi ni kidogo, picha zinafaa kuanzia salasa kwenda juu

Can you send full details including pics in HDR. I am also ready to house her at a partial residence at undisclosed location.

@vic such delicate creatures are not meant to be working in a smoky kibanda selling Chapo madondo. They should be in a good environment helping elders to relieve stress as we pound 12 shots kwa siku.


Hii imagination ya @Agwambo ni ya watu unyoga monkey

Kijana,tafta pesa,nunua villa ya 4 bedrooms,pata bibi.The nubile 18 and 19 year old sisters in law will keep your mjulus busy before you know it.
Unfortunately you are forever stuck in your bed sitter kama umewekelea miguu juu ya meko like Uwesmakende wondering why you are not living the life.Just because of mdomo sewerage,roho chafu na chuki.Pole.

Endelea kuongea hivyo nikufute kazi


It appears she is pregnant and due soon, maybe you should reconsider your move