mali safi ya M7

hii ni dawa ya ngeus, achana na Cider!



A weak man is one who needs alcohol to woo women.

Your game is weak playa!

nah, they love this shit wakisema utoe form

it is sweet as cider, percent ni 40, fill in the dots man

alafu hii simba haipatikani everywhere, so you are like a plug.

everybody loves FUN

How much omwami?

100mls( sachet is 15/= in uganda). Huwa zinapangwa kwa ka box kama Cd’s.
Uwesmake anazijua sana since huuzwa kwa almost all clubs in bungoma at an inflated price of kshs 40/= per 100mls.

Mimi hushangaa mbona Uganda still lags behind economically.
All factors of business production favours them and they also come up with good products.
For instance farming,from readily available fertile land to affordable farm inputs,ready market just to mention a few.
Where do they go wrong

hii 200ml i get them for 150, huko what’s the price?

they are usually smuggled into the country

which reminds me when I was a preteen, uko 00s, nilikua naona sachets zinaitwa MACHOZI YA SIMBA, with a red branding, I’m thinking ni one of the same ama

Kuna many different brands huko.

Never inquired about this one.

Birrioneas ya kijiji haijipendi hata kidogo.pombe ya 15bob? Hata ng’ang’o ya kanairo haiuzwi hivyo per shot

The shit y’all drink out there … God forbid.