Male Tenant Needed in Ruaka.

A Ruaka Land Lady is looking for a Male Tennant to share her 2 Bedroomed Flat.

The Bedrooms are En-Suite and you will be expected to share Utility Bills.
No Visitors between 11:00 PM and 06:00 AM … :smiley: :smiley:


@Motokubwa huyu ni mungich mwenzako hama Dago brare fwackni juu @Coronatities alikataa story zako

Seems to me like a good deal …
I wonder what she is like to live with … ??? :smiley: :smiley:

She looks like a psycho, alafu hizo filters ukifika kwa ground utapigwa na butwaa twa twa.

Her lips…are askewed

In aza words.
Anatafuta bwana

rent ni 50 50 ama yeye analipa by virtue of owning a warm hole??

Lete mattercore ni lete bei

mkamba mujinga ulipunguza ushoga

Atoe makeup before I pay deposit.

Hiki kinakaa kukuua usiku na kitafute customer wa figo

Ruaka sio mbali na Gachie! :smiley:

Many Kenyan landlords discourage subletting.

This would work for college student’s but they will want girls to come over to Netflix and chill.

Hizo lips zinaeza nyonya boro niimbe allelujah kabla nisneak to the nearest scrubs


She loves a good drink and will welcome the occasional Party.

She would prefer a young , social and single fellow as there has been previous drama with jealous girlfriends … :smiley: :smiley:

I am interested, lete full details

English Idiom:
“…One does not look a Gift Horse in the Mouth …”


True. Sawa nitakuletea gachie nikimaliza kumnyoa fudhii. I might land a peg or two hope hautamind sloppy seconds. Nitumie namba ya pigsty nisipotee:D

But this horse yo. Its like saying not to look down on a midget:D:D:D

haha ako Ruaka wapi nmkamue then nipoteee kama moshi