Male Nurses at Coptic Hospital sedating and raping patients

We have been excusing rape by Wanyama and Olabo ati kunguru was drunk and she wanted it but now Coptic is excusing rape of patients who are sedated by male nurses. The evil nature of men of taking advantage of the vulnerable is now being excused in hospitals. Male morticians rape corpses. Priests rape children and its excuses. Men have been impregnating underage girls during covid 19 quarantine some are their own fathers. Sometimes back a male nurse in Kenyatta was caught raping a patient with over 90% burns and he got away with it. I guess it’s true that it’s a man’s world. I’ve always been against male nurses because men are sexually aroused by vulnerability. Be it children,homeless, disabled and mentally ill women, drunk women, sick women or even dead women. All women are in danger in a world where rape is normalized and excused in the name of boys will be boys. A rotten world indeed. The below refers.

The County can now authoritatively report that, night duty nurses and orderlies at the Nairobi’s Coptic Hospital, have been freely sedating and raping weak and vulnerable patients, under the very watch of the hospital administration.

As the country struggles to grapple with the far reaching dent on our healthcare systems, occasioned by the COVID~19 pandemic, fresh and heartbreaking details are emerging, of seemingly management~sanctioned wave of rape of female patients, that has become the new normal at the Ngong Road based facility.

In an exclusive interview with The County, one of the latest victims gives a blow~by~blow account of her heart-wrenching and scary ordeal at Coptic, worth the attention and action of the relevant authorities, as soon as yesterday.

According to the patient, who will call ‘Lucy’ (not her real name. We conceal her identity for her safety), what she went through is something she would never have imagined would happened to her in life, at the very same hands of the people she entrusted with her health, in what is largely considered a high~end medical facility.


Lucy was initially being treated at Outspan Hospital in Nyeri, where she had been admitted after she was admitted for liver cancer.

The cancer was a recurrence of an earlier breast cancer, which she had battled successfully in 2019.

After assessment by medics at Outspan, she was referred to Coptic Hospital, Nairobi for specialized treatment on Wednesday 1st July 2020.

Consequently, she proceeded to Coptic Hospital that very same day.

Lucy told The County that she was received and admitted at Coptic Hospital at around 9pm in the evening.

Up to this point, all seemed ok as her cancer was declared Stage 2 and treatment commenced immediately.


But all hell broke loose on the night of Friday 3rd July 2020.

While asleep after a heavy dosage of sedatives, Lucy was raped by who, our preliminary investigations conclude must have been either the nurses or orderlies at the hospital, as they are the only ones on duty at night.

But the lady could not realize she was being raped at night as she was on sedatives.

It is while taking shower on Saturday morning that she unravelled what had happened.


Alarmed by the discovery, Lucy reported to Dr. Andrew Odhiambo, the resident oncologist, and the doctor assigned to her, who promised to take up the issue with the management.

Sadly, no feedback came the whole day and it was only after she persisted with her plea that the inhouse gynecologist came and did tests.

But the gnaecologist went missing from that point and the results never came; they are yet to come, 1 week later.

The following day, on Sunday, after her visiting was allowed, her daughter arrived at the hospital, to who Lucy narrated the whole story.
Consequently, upon consultations with the rest of the family, it was agreed that she checks out of the hospital on Monday and go seek treatment elsewhere.


Lucy was however being denied exit on Monday, with the management, through Dr. Odhiambo, making frantic attempts to convince her to wait and check out the following day, Tuesday, ostensibly in an attempt to cover up the story. We are in possession of full audio recordings of the conversations between Lucy and Dr. Odhiambo.

To make matters worse, in between the Monday check out tussle, Lucy was injected with a substance that instantly made her weak. She also noted that, the syringe used to inject her was disposed elsewhere and not the usual bin. Luckily, the injection cannula was accidentally left on her arm.

Eventually, Lucy was released on Monday evening, after a day~long and intentionally delayed release process, yet all bills had been settled.


Angry and emotionally hurt, Lucy immediately proceeded to Nairobi Women’s Hospital where she underwent urine and gynecologist swap tests.

As earlier suspected, the tests showed traces of semen in her system confirming she had been raped, yet Coptic Hospital’s Discharge Summary mentions nothing about the incident.

The cannula that had been used during the suspicious Monday injection, which she also submitted for scrutiny, tested for cocaine, meaning that she had been injected with the narcotic substance, perhaps to drugs her.

We are in possession of the test results from Nairobi Women’s Hospital.

Lucy then headed home for some rest awaiting to report the case to the police. Unfortunately, she was too weak to go to the police on Tuesday and was only able to do so on Wednesday morning.


The case was reported at Kilimani Police Station, where she camped from 11am to 4pm as her statement, and that of her daughter, were taken.

We are in possession of the OB number.

The officers at Kilimani Police Station directed Lucy to come back the following day, Thursday 9th July 2020, to see the Directorate of Criminal Investigation Officer incharge.

When she went back, the DCI officer, Margaret Katei Muthui, listened to her case, and then proceeded to Coptic Hospital and and Nairobi Women’s Hospital to carry out investigations.

By the time of going to press this evening, Friday 10th July 2020, one day later, further communication is to come.


All now that has been left of Lucy is a weak, devastated and emotionally broken innocent Kenyan mother, struggling with a battle of recurrent cancer, whose drugs leave her completely drained, forced to take post-exposure prophylaxis, (P.E.P.s), as a precautionary measure incase she was infected with HIV during the rape.

At this point, this desperate cry for justice goes out to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, Ministry of Health, Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union, FIDA and all other relevant authorities, to intervene and rescue this innocent Kenyan, unapologetically violated in a medical institution, that ought to be at the forefront of safeguarding the health of our citizens, more so during these rough times of COVID~19.

Wa!Very unfortunate. Those guys shud be cast rated

Its been happening. Nothing new. This is a case of a woman in a vegetative state for 14 years at a nursing home, raped and impregnated by a male nurse. Nobody would have found out but she got pg and gave birth. DNA tests revealed the identity of the father as one of the male nurses at the facility.

Hapo kwa cocaine … maybe the offender used it … Juu cocaine uwes lala banae. High on coke you can go days without sleep and still feel like superman.

These are not things that should be taken lightly. By now everyone who attended to the patient ought to have been questioned. The gyna and all the nurses on duty at the time should be made to record statements. If one cannot be safe at a hospital, where can you be safe?! And I thought Coptic was a good hospital. I’ve used their services severally.

Rape is bad. A man who rapes a woman doesn’t deserve to live. Moses gave us really good laws to live by.
When African men, who traditionally are conservative call for the death sentence for pedophiles, violent criminals, murderers and rapists it is usually African educated women who team up with wazungus to say ‘no no no death sentence is bad’ that ‘rapists and pedophiles are God’s children’ blah blah blah. Whenever men are team building after cornering a pedophile or violent criminal, who comes to the rescue of the offender saying “wuuuiiii muhurumieni inatosha inatosha?” Without fail it is usually women.
I love African women but I don’t think you guys should be allowed in any serious decision making stations in life. Even the Bible says as much

True. Wanawake wana huruma nyingine ya kuharibu. There is a certain level of a criminal mindset that should simply be nipped in the bud, so that you won’t even think about it. Execute without excuse violent robbers, murderers and rapists, and dunia itapangika sawasawa.

It was in the cannula. Used to put IV in the body, why would a cancer patient already on morphine inject herself with cocaine a day before discharge? Let’s stop the victim blaming.

This is Kenya my friend. I have lost an aunt to total negligence and not even KMPDB can assist. Doctors are untouchables in Kenya.

A rapist has no right in owning his balls

Very evil and unacceptable. It cannot be over-emphasized.

There really should be a department in police that deals exclusively with rape. Not just going to get a OB.

I am of the opinion now that slow painful death should be delivered to men and women who carry out such heinous acts. If this happens to someone close to me I can assure you that street justice is the only way I will be satisfied, and the carcass of the accused displayed openly for crows to feed

[COLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]Men are aroused by vulnerability? When did you become a man? How do you even come up with such thoughts? The actions of a few perverts in a hospital become “men” so the female teachers who have sex with school boys story ni “women”? Broadstrokes make for emotive posts but are lazy. Actions are individual. Rape is an individual anomaly.

Rapists should suffer from ED and castrated. Why should you rape a woman surely…to make it bad a patient?

I dont support sexual harrassment towards women. The bad thing is that women will be on the fore front to protect that sick bastard. Women are their own enemies.


Death begets death.

What’s your suggestion?

Siberia. Behind bars hadi their time comes

Why keep housing, feeding and protecting killers?

Have you been to a police station in Kenya my fren? Most look like a kibanda, you rather not even bother. No privacy. Police making jokes about your case. A few have a desk but most don’t. It’s just getting OB numbers to prove that you reported.