Male Masseuse in Nairobi - Ladies ONLY



@Tom Barasa kuja upate ujuzi u upgrade kazi banae, isikuwe tu kunyoa fudhi za wamama wazee.

How much?

Unachosha mtu yangu,tafuta mtu mwingine wakuchokosh war. Hauna content so its hard to have comebacks


Anyone who allows their woman to get i
a full body massage in a hot tub with a strange half naked man must be out of their Cotton Picking Mind …

At some point , bad things will happen … :D:D

No. He said he is very professional and friendly.

Remember this Poem from Primary School …??

“Welcome to my Parlour…”
“Said the Spider to the Fly …”… :D:D

Welcome to my massage parlor… I am friendly and professional.