Male Entitlement :The world doesn't owe you beautiful women

So Rex Heuermann the LISK says that he was bullied and that the women he found attractive couldn’t give him the time of day. So in his male entitlement and rage he decided to kill prostitutes who look like the women who rejected him. I can’t say that I understand what it means to have a type who don’t find you attractive coz I have never dated a man I didn’t find attractive but bro, you can’t get everything you want in life. I wish I was white but I don’t kill or abuse black people physically. I just accept my predicament as part of life and focus on what I like about my life.

But wanaume this bullshit entitlement must end. Kama mtu hakutaki achana na yeye don’t become a hater and victimiser of women. This incels ideology is demonic and it will destroy many lives.

I always tell women if you want to date handsome men go ahead bcz unattractive men especially those who have money and power are very bad people, they want to use their money to punish women for rejecting them when they had nothing. On top of fugly kids you have to deal with psychosis caused by rejection from beautiful women.

Sex work exposes women to these entitled psychos. If a man has rejection issues based on his looks, leave him alone, they are psychos. Infact if you find out that a man who is interested in you is a regular client of prostitutes, block and move on from that demon. Nobody sane can buy sex from economically desperate women. Nobody. These men are just psychos one step away from turning into serial killers. They equally love dehumanizing and abusive sex acts and may also rape helpless animals and children. They can drug women so as to screw them or even corpses. It’s a whole chain of psychoness. Just save yourself and say no to sadistic men.

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