Male child preoccupation and obsession

Just listened to a conversation where a 26 year old was too worried that his wife supposedly could not bear him a male child. They now have three daughters and from them, the lady is now pregnant. They said they went for scanning, and doctors assured that the expected, was still a girl.
Now, the guy considers having another girl just to be him a boy, but says he’ll terminate the new relationship after achieving his goal. He claims that a man without a male heir is worthless. All he’s after, is a male child. He blames it all in his wife.
The wife is however not happy with this at all. She tells the guy that she really loves him and she’s ready they continue trying for a boy.
They are both adamantly fighting each other to consider and respect each other’s opinion. The lady views the other lady as a second wife, and from this fear she’s ready to do whatever it takes to maintain her position in the marriage. She’s ready to bear as many girls as she could before reaching menopause and dig that deep to please her man.
On the other side the man says he had only planned for two children family, with at least a boy. He’s too worried and says he has nobody to inherit his land that he inherited from his father.
The mediator however, challenges him that their failure on having a male kid should all be blamed on him not the wife…
But ebu chambueni hii kitu, I thought chances of either gender in a baby were half.
The guy appears primitive and the wife desperate.
Now for an issue like this one, how should they settle?

I have seen someone chase that. Amepeleka bibi mbio hadi akapata the fifth akatoka boy. Nakwambia upuuzi watu wanakuwa nayo.

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that one will die young! na stress!, hopefully he inherited 1000 acres in kinoo, otherwise…

Idiotic boy child. Huyo hawezi saidika. Awachanwe na yeye hivyo hivyo. Can’t change genetics (Stupid genes).

I have two gals na sina pressure kabisaa.
Heir kitu gani even gals can be heirs too.



that idiot is the reason the first world thinks we are still cave painters


They will end up with 9 kids and no boy yet!

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With all info around and he blames the wife? Kweli ujinga ni kipawa.


I know a couple that has eleven girls alafu wakapata kijana who has grown into a brary useless mlevi kimangamangi


My maternal grandfather had to marry a second wife to get more boys.


single mother chronicles huanzia boma zimejaa wasichana. Kijana lazima akuwe azabe watu makofi kadhaa akiwalinda hao wasichana.

Mvulana ni lazima kwa boma ili ikamilike.


Wanted a gal myself.

God gave me a boy.

I love him the same.

I guess I love him even more.

He is the only one I got



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He should not blame his wife, he must blame himself. Getting a boy or girls depends on the right time of siring and first of all of his sperms.

Foolish thinking.

Hawa watu hawakufanya hesabu ya biology ndio usumbua

Tell him not to blame the wife, a woman never determines the gender of the baby,

I know a lady who’s the first born in a family of 8. 7 girls mfululizo, and one boy kitindamimba. She’s around 28, while the boy is 10/11 years old. Their dad is the bee’s knees, I tell you.