Malaya Intelligence Update (MIU) :- Sharon is back

But she has lost a lot of weight. It seems things dint work out well wherever she went.

Uyu atapatwa aje …number zake ,location…aii

Ako pale

Ako pale duruma road majioni, pahali kampala coach ilikuwa

She was serving a prison sentence.

@Silverback83 hata wewe ukuwanga @Mzee Mashavu group of handles?

Aliambukizwa ukimwi na @uwesmakende

Hyenas take caution.


After hio statement hapo juu Kuna ninja iko na guts kuuliza location:D:D:D
Anyway what do I know, What is goose for the gander is good for the duck


Nice looking ex Prisoner …
Would she be willing to “do time” on a “Pro Bono” basis for suitable applicants… ?? :D:D


hio takataka iko sawa bado

Kwani alikuwa mzito aje cause she looks thicc vizuri kwa hio pic. Or that’s not her current picture?


tho haga bado iko maji maji rebellion

Inakaa Ako na luwere…

It’s nowerdays called “umikwi”

Alafu msisahau kutushow mambo ya mchele on Wednesday morning :smiley: