Malaya hataki pesa

After negotiating at the street at a final fee of Thao. Then we proceed to my room. I pay her Thao after which I remove my clothes then she suddenly says I cannot fuck someone with a tattoo and refunds my Money and leaves the lodging.
Kwani hii biz iko hivi?






On which part of your anatomy is the tattoo?


Tatoo gani hiyo. Ama ni hii::saitan:

:D:DMoral Compass yake iko all over NNSSEEWW. She was gonna fuck you for money but your tattoos are unacceptable

unafaa uelewe kuma ni kitu sacred and cannot be given to a devil worshipper

Na hii shoga hapo juu iache kuderail thread…

Kwani hujui whores are the most religious folk you will find anywhere, after the act I like prodding into their lives bitches do t miss church the always have a cross of some religious shit, very judgmental on non believers, very superstitious!

Ps on that note anyone who can advice on where I can get something to hot in Dar? Prefably a bordello don’t want to take transaction back in my room.

citation required.

You must be damn ugly mpaka malaya anakukataa hata na pesa. Ama aliona unakaa mgonjwa mgonjwa hivi akakimbilia maisha yake. It has nothing to do with your tatoo. Pambana na hali yako.


Mwende ~Karumaindo

Fuata link hiyo kujiunga whatsapp kundi jipya kabisa la betting,

Hi Mr conman.

Panda bajaj halafu uambie dere akupeleke Corner Bar ama Ambience…thank me later