Malawian President Blames Poor Internet For UK Trip...Bonobo Hafungiki....

Controversy has trailed the comments made by Lazarus Chakwera, the president of Malawi, moments before he traveled to the United Kingdom (UK) to attend the Global Education Summit on Financing Global Partnership for Education (GPE) 2021-2025.


Although organizers of the summit allowed a small in-person event in London, the Malawian president cited “unreliable internet connection” in his country as the reason he is embarking on the trip.

The conference, according to organizers, is a largely virtual summit scheduled to take off on July 28.

Details on its website show that: “The summit runs over 2 days, starting at 14:00 BST on July 28. Four thematic sessions run concurrently on our virtual program, each with an exciting roster of speakers.

“On July 29, the hybrid summit – live in London and virtual starts at 10:00 BST,” the organisation said.

Mr Chakwera, however, blamed poor internet connection as the reason he is attending the conference physically.

Why couldn’t he simply enhance the internet network and avoid traveling to England? Bonobos will kill us with their stupidity

Huyo si ni yule pastor anaongea kizungu bandia ya amerika

Ooooooh! Then ameenda kufloss hiyo kizungu yake kwa wazungu. Watajuaje anajua?

He has to be seen hobnobbing with whites. It’s all part of his schtick. Otherwiykizungu fake accent itaanza kudilute

He was elected because he had lived in America, he has to keep going to wazungus to continue fooling his people. We did it in Kenya too in the early 90s, all the people the media called young turks were just economic immigrants in the west or just students there: Mukhisa Kituyi had just completed PhD in anthrophology, Kiraitu Murungi, Koigi Wamwere was a refugee in Norway, etc. Colonialism told the African that he is stupid and everything good is from the west and we have inherited this.

Even going back further, Kenyatta became president because he had lived in the UK

Among all colonised peoples, it is only black people that have adopted european names and abandoned their culture wholesale, that says something.