Malawi VP plane crash pictures

The Dornier 228 aircraft was manufactured in India over 40 years ago

Are they ok?

Yes, having a cup of coffee just up the hill


All nine are dead


Yaani India walikuwa wanweza kutengenza ndege way beck in the late 70s and early 80s na sisi hata vijiko bado hatuwezi kutengeneza?



Yes. And even exporting the planes worldwide.



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@landlord = @mkurugenzi = @patco

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season 1 GIF by BBC

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The Dornier 228 is a nice Twin TurboProp that is manufactured in Germany.

The particular one in question was assembled by HAL in India and was probably donated from a batch made for the Indian Air Force.

I have actually flown in one belonging to WFP from Wilson Airport to Lokichoggio …
Could be mechanical issues or pilot errors triggered by bad en-route weather:blush:

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