Makunguru watamalizwa this year


nimeona thûtha cîâ mìàka 27

He murdered a 27 year old woman

thutha inaingiliana wapi?

if you have to kill or hit a woman , then you dont understand them… your point can be passed across without violence…

the modern african man is weak sana…

Thutha means after

BTW you are right. Its like killing a child for misbehaving…It should follow the same MO i.e. punish them for unbecoming behavior like withdrawal of rewards or benefits until they shape up. Interestingly they respond very well to it.

Translation tafasalI. Leo translator hayuko karibu shifo.

Police are out on the manhunt for a middle aged man who killed his girlfriend of 27 years. This incident happened in section 2 estate in Thika town.

Ahsande next time translation please…nilisema najifunza Kikuyu…

@SwagMargeddon you must be disappointed by that response hehehe!

I thought ni nyuma

That’s the second meaning