Makosa imefanyika


Gari ya mzazi .


Ama ya kuomba kufurahisha slayqueens kisha unaweka ngata ya 500/-.

These things happen.Maybe the fuel gauge is indicating the wrong fuel level.There is a time i experienced this only to find out the fuel gauge was not working properly.

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Reminds me of a certain mheshimiwas problem with a certain big car called a mech cursing only to be told gari haina mafuta

Shit happens

Huyo ni Kamau n he stashed the fuel money pole pole, hadi betting ikamgeukia.akanywa yote

a problem common with the older X-trails

*makosa imesafanyika

Hii tuliona…

The car was a hummer i bet alikua ameidunga thao mbili jam ikaikunywa yote

It can happen especially after tthe lamp comes on for such a car i dont expect you to do too many miles. alafu tena hizi gari complicated with digital fuel gauges can pull a fast one on you. Or if you share a car you might not know your wife used the car all day and its almost empty. gari utajua mambo ya mafuta ni ile unatumia peke yako.