Making the right Choices

The challenges of Life
Making the Right Choices:blush::fire:




At least ameingia mkia wote


Picha za kulazimisha. The girls are pulling away

Yes the body language shows they are after his money or they were coerced to take the pictures together.

Iggy wa kilimani, nice girl but her dentals will scare the fuck out of you. Wacha kijana aongeze mileage.

Wacha kairo aenjoy maisha :green_emoji:

What is wrong with this guy. Hii validation anaseek ya Nini. Hawezi tomba pole pole bila kutangazia umati?
I wouldn’t be shocked hakuna yenye amekula TBH.

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It seems Kijana actually had a “Plan B” in place
Cera Kimani needs to start looking for her old “Mubaba” squeeze … :joy: :rofl: :hotsprings:



Alafu his hand is clamping them wasitoroke a.k.a “The Claw”

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I don’t see any signs of anyone being “coerced” there …
It looks more like a willing 3-Sum



And money is really not his problem
He has plenty of it:rofl: :joy:

You sound like a very poor doctor. Are you even a doctor? So according to you this boy has money? He drives a 2014 cayenne which he brags about…and lives in an 80k rental which he brags about…and for a doctor like you thats money!!!


this boy’s problem is lack of common sense… tumeona wengi kama hawa tukianza na @MikeOcksmal

hakuna pesa mingi mbele ya kuma…

Exactly… still remember him saying he has enough money to build, but he would rather rent, nikajua kichwa imejaa mavi…

and the stench of poverty…

Kijana is seeking validation with the wrong crowd . This glorification of flesh has many a young men building alters they don’t even know

Tuokoke wadau, dunia yaisha.

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