Making of weak men: Men should man up!



Am Kush wa mrs. Njoro, iko shida?


Kikuyu women don’t thirst over Luo men.
It’s the other way round.
Also, most Luo men spend a lot of money to impress Kikuyu women; which makes them an easy target for Kikuyu women.

I have never met a Kikuyu woman with a broke Luo. But I have met plenty of Kikuyu women entangled to broke Kikuyus.

Kwanza kwa dowry, Mjaluo hutuonishwa pesa mingi sana. The Luo will be used by the whole extended family to fund their projects.

On the other hand, shiny eyes are stingy to their women.

Because they know their history

I agree…we debase ourselves trying to impress the potato sisters…not worth it.

Most Luo men spend a lot of money to impress Kikuyu women; which makes them an easy target for Kikuyu women.

I have never met a Kikuyu woman with a broke Luo…

@ChifuMbitika i’m waiting for your comment…malizia mahali imebaki.

@Oti The Gargantuan bi piyo ji tiekowa

What about me? I only got 100 bob kwa mpesa but back then I was living in Narok yellow yellow thick bishes were the order of the day mpaka landlord akasema I find God ama anihamishe

Tell them, they just come…
Mimi there is a yellow yellow fulani asked me “ukona manzi?”
I told her…yes kadha but nothing serious. Dem akajiweka boks…and began playing the GF role…
Elders hawajui being a luo is a title…

Them niggas just trying to make themselves feel good. Ask them them if they know more than 100 rich niggas courting yellow yellows. They are basing their assumptions on few niggas on the limelight kina Jared Otieno na mshienzi Babu Owino. Kwa ground ni kudifferent.

I mean Kikuyu women who are married to Luo men. Most of them are married to Luos with money.

There is also a difference between random flings and settling down.

Jaribu ku-settle na dem msapre kama wewe ni peasant.

My wife is a yellow yellow from central…:D:cool:

I do not do random flings. For all I remember one was ready to settle down adi alishatembea ushago. Msee enda ishi mtaani penye kila mtu are financially equally and are neighbours.

The moment you used yellow yellow should demonstrate how you crave for them and hate your women. But what wrong with being black. Even brown Africans are just a shade of black color. And there are black kikuyus and are not mad about it and marry black kikuyus.

My friend… sasa hatustahili tudinye yellow yellow because that shows we hate our sisters. Everybody gets the dick equally. Be it yellow yellow, black, brown, tall short. The dick must be distribute to all equally and fairly.

I am a just and fair man. I abhor discrimination and tribalism. Therefore each tribe must get equal piece of The Gargantuan

May be we are more attracted to the yellow yellow ones, besides ninety five percent of my exes had skin like color of gold. Ukiwa na mmoja yellow yellow…another yellow yellow will try to compete with her for your attention…you end up with a yellow yellow. That’s what happened.

Maybe you are just handsome. You can be beautiful and be black. And the contrary is maybe a blacker woman may not be attracted to you.

Light skinned women wengi huwa hawakatiwi…men avoid them. Unamshow ka seriousness kiasi…tu an ni ivo. Roho ashakupea