Making money while in school

Nipeeni ideas on how to make money while still in school,nimeona watu wegine walifaidika na papers zao wengine hawakufaidika, just to be on the safe side nataka kumaliza but at the end of the day lazima ni kule na ni lipe rent

Uko primo ama seko? Tuanzie apo

Niko campus

1.Sell things door to door and online. Products to look at include: condoms, cigarettes, liquor, sex toys
2. Do assignments for people not in your course?
3. Online gigs as per your skills and knowledge
4. Marketing events targeting youngins.

Avoid this forum first as a student.

He needs a Digrii. Its a rule in this village

do any odd/casual jobs, provided they do not interfere with your school timetable

You can sell your ass part time.

uza socks, margins are high, barriers to entry are low, they move fast.

Hiyo ya number one itakua tricky juu ya capital halafu I could ask around but watu wenye najua pia wameshikika

Kama gani juuu mjengo you have to be there full time

kama uko nairobi huwezi kosa kibarua bora ujitume, if you are an evening classes student the better

Capital Anza na 20k…enda you buy some very cheap liquor huko barracks ama wholesale kubwa …sthng like chrome or some chwara chwara…then sell slightly cheaper than local wines and spirits…pocket the difference…rinse and repeat…see how it goes

Uza diff

Tafuta camera . Be the official class photographer utakuwa unapata kakitu especially if your class is full of women

Tafta camera, anza youtube channel ya pranks, or sanasana college life experience uko hostels etc

Kama uko Nairobi tafuta daproimafrica. They may offer you a gig for part time work, bora uko na discipline ya kufanya kazi bila supervision.

:D:D:Dwhy…this forum oozes wisdom (and lots of cheap lanye coordinates)

Niko eldoret mimi

very difficult to sift what is wisdom from misleading stuff. Lazima ukae mjanja