Making money while asleep

What investments do earn ROI once fully established with minimal huddle?
1.Safaricom Introduces Mali, a new Investment Tool Powered by MPesa.
3.Informal money lending
4.Real Estate.

Other Maret Funds like mali.
They usually offer the same 8-12% like safaricom but for larger deposits like 1million, minimum 5K or so

But be careful to check the hidden fees:
[li]0-2% managament fees[/li][li]taxes[/li][/ul]

U be

Yeah,the hidden cost are mostly overlooked

The main problem with passive income is that you need massive capital to live off that income stream. For example, if you need 250k every month, you will have to find kama 25 million kujenga rentals decent. Passive income means very large capital. The cost of financial freedom is extremely high.

Alternatively, kama wewe ni Mariah Carey, you can sing songs, and get royalties until you die. Mariah Carey amekula over $60 million from just one song “All I want for christmas is you”. Lakini kama huna talent, na hakuna royalties unakula mahali, you need massive capital kupata passive income worth mentioning.