Making money from photos

Happy Moi day peoples. Hope you all good and sassy this wonderful day.

Straight to the point. Say you have some good photos and would like to make money off of them, which are the best places to upload them online and get paid? The kind of sharing that comes with windows, and their revolving pictures for example, where would one share his/her content and possible be used by windows…and get paid.

Any of you who are able to get paid online? Or know someone who gets paid for his pics from an online forum?

Thanks…ps @Grundy alienda wapi? Is he and the mazda demio doing ok? :slight_smile:


Kindly share a sample of one of your pictures…

just google “buy painting” and there you’ll have an array of marketplaces to pick from.
Set up shop on one, if not all, and optimise your sales pitch.
Etsy and saatchiart would be great places to sell the same photo eleventeen times.

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Kuna wasee walikua Lions Den wameanza biz ya African stock photography labda wanaweza buy. Wrink ndio hi (2.14-11.15 min mark)

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