Making Kenya green could be Rutos best legacy

He has been stressing on this issue and reiterated it today at Nyayo stadium. He even announced the rehiring of all youths who served in Kazi mitaani to be recruited in the tree planting exercise. I hope he succeeds in this venture

Where will the trees be planted? Can a small scale farmer afford to sacrifice his crops and livelihood for trees? Can pastoralists/ranchers replace their pastures with trees?

hata moi was there with gabions and tree planting but was looting and grabbing the same lands

Let’s give him time. Akifaulu it will be better for us all

He should start by planting tree in turkana and other arid areas.

Any other green ideas is scam

Kenya is 75% arid. So any productive land should be under crops to feed the 50m citizens, not under trees.

mbwa wewe

Public lands i.e. schools, parks etc. There was a motion in parliament a few weeks ago to have trees planted on road reserves. I’ve not followed up on latest parliament sessions to know the progress of that, but that was quite a smart idea.

Why not use the 25% for forest cover and irrigate the 75% for food or mixed use?:cool:

Kenya is quite expansive and most of the land lies idle. Tembea outside Nairobi ujionee. We don’t have to irrigate the 75% to feed the nation. Even 30% is adequate.

Those lands you are calling idle lands are grazing lands that provide 75% of the meat consumed in kenya. Farming is not just growing crops, it also includes growing meat animals.

Environment conservation is a preserve for the rich. Even the rich have their challenges to. We heavily rely on charcoal and firewood to cook and keep us warm

Generally, fools need to consider what %age of .ke land is arable

Let him drill water in those arid lands first or how will trees grow there?

We don’t have to do things the old way. For example, if those pastoralism areas are well managed, more animals can be kept under less acreage. Whatever we have is total wastage that becomes chaotic during droughts. Ndio maana unasikia Pokot na Samburu invading other people lands jua ikiwaka

Exotic trees dont do well in semi arid areas of Kenya. They remain small, with shallow roots. They dont last long. Those places can only grow shrubs and trees indigenous to those localities. But I know when he talks about tree planting, he mean exotic trees. Dead on arrival

Zero grazing.

Miti ni ya kupea mbirrionares enough warmth during the cold periods. Peasants can go ahead and do whatever William dictates them to do.[ATTACH=full]484501[/ATTACH]

Hawaelewi. Wafugaji wanaexport mifugo kupitia port ya Lamu ilhali crop growers wameshindwa kujilisha. People should respect herders and keep away from their lands.

How many exporters are there?