Make Millions

I think it’s very possible for a Kenyan in America/Europe(UK, Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Scotland, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden ONLY) /Australia to make $2M minimum every year until 2027.

Why and how?

Let me start with the why: The Kenyan economy is going to the dogs as is evident from recent events (going way back to Uhuru’s reign). The shilling is sitting at 150 to the dollar and might approach 200 by mid-2024. Kenya is deep in debt and as the shilling weakens, it becomes harder to repay this debt which is services in dollars. Perhaps you might want to look into what a change in 1 shilling does to Kenya’s debt. Such a small delta results to millions at scale. As a result, Nabii is hiking taxes to try and cover this delta which means companies either have to lay off employees or cut salaries to pay these taxes in order to stay in business. I could go on and on about this cycle but the point is, Kenya is at the verge of economic collapse and you’d be a fool not to see it.

The How: Now, because of the above reasons every Kenyan with a passport is looking for a way out. I mean, it actually makes sense. Would you rather earn in $$ today, or earn in shillings with the rate at which the latter is weakening against the former? Well, you could argue that it makes more sense to get a remote job and work from Kenya but for an American company. Fair enough but a lot of companies that allow for remote jobs are wary of hiring Africans (I don’t make the rules so don’t ask me why. This is a totally different conversation).

It has come to my attention that immigration agencies are the business model any Kenyan abroad should adopt if they want to retire in the next 5 years. Hold on a second. I’m not talking about those funny ones that only take people to gulf. I am solely referring to Kenyans in the countries that I mentioned in the first paragraph (above). I’ve even full-proofed this business model on a smaller scale and found out that it indeed works.

I’ve realized people are willing to part with lots of money for the opportunity to get to one of the aforementioned countries. Having helped a few people cross the Atlantic, and the Mediterranean, I’ve seen what works in terms of immigrants what doesn’t so I started charging a few people for my services and it’s turned out into a very lucrative side-gig.

I now have so many requests for my consulting services such that I can’t even take up all of them as clients because I also have my full-time job to focus on. From what I’ve seen, most immigration agencies in Kenya are plagued with scammers and fraudsters who are not even familiar with the immigration process. And if they do, ni ile tu ya kienyeji without any processes in place.

So, if you’re a Kenyan based in the countries I mentioned, go out there and offer your services and get rewarded.

Ni hayo tu kwa sasa. Do it before 2027. You never know when Ruto actually starts performing and boosts the economy and when that happens, Kenyans won’t want to leave for greener pastures.

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Niwai summary mkuu sina time ya kusoma hii mnyambo yote


I’ve also thought about this. I have friends in some of the countries you mentioned. We could form a network since each of them knows the best entry pathways to their country

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