I have a thing with Kikuyu ladies. Been with two thus far. They have not shown signs of sending me to my creator. There has been trend of Kikuyu women killing their spouse. Am I waiting for the guillotine too?
Are all Kikuyu women bad or they mutate with time? Bring me up to speed before I become past tense.

Wewe ni tothi ya mundu… Na usiambiane, sawa? Ghaseer taktaka

[QUOTE=“Ngimanene na matharo, post: 2412206, member: 42822”]
Wewe ni tothi ya mundu… Na usiambiane, sawa? Ghaseer taktaka
Shoga,kamlambe mamako mkundu. Matusi ya nini? Hapa kwangu nitakupasha ukufe. Kudadako[/QUOTE]

Madame wasapere sio wabaya, I just love them.

Utauliwa na huyo Mkikuyu

ENOUGH with this YouTube video unajaza server na :meffi:

What is ur worth

ni upuzi kusema wakikuyu. its all biches, when they get past 40, their hormones take over and them thots can’t hold a coherent line of thought if their lives depended on it. women are hormonal wrecks beoyond a certain age juu ya zile chakula na takataka wanapaka.

Now this makes sense

You can’t say all meat is bad just because you have been eating badly cooked meat. I am not a kiuk BTW.

I had a kikuyu girlfriend back in school she was cool, very busty, good personality and freaky but that was the last kikuyu girl i was ever with.

I wouldn’t pull it on tribe so much but women are guilty of the company they keep. Generally we all become one with the company we keep so if your woman hangs around blood thirsty gold diggers with funny characters, she becomes part of them.

Tony is that you

You sound very naive and childish. Mambo ya Kyuk women tuulize tutakwambia. Usipayuke tu kama kuku!

Ameuliza, mwambie

Bibi msapere atakuuwa pesa yako ikiisha

Mine is different .

You have a thing with Kikuyu women.

You have a thing for Kikuyu women.

The difference is clear but its clear that clarity makes not difference. To you.

Ndì Mùgìkùyù by the way!

Moto wa kuotea far…

Confidence 200%:smiley: