Make laws you can leave to your enemy to use against you

To no effect. I got that line of thinking from someone on Ktalk btw. And it’s being played in front of our eyes. I am staunchly anti-Ruto rule, but what the hell was Matiangi thinking the last 8 years. Ignoring court summons, charging mfers on trumped up charges, using police to break into peoples homes to arrest them, freezing peoples bank accounts. He gave them a blueprint of how to abuse him.


Laws should be made for posterity…200 years after…else ni upuz…like most of them damn “laws” that are made for the now and here…most of 254 laws aren’t even made by Kenyans … Kama Robbery laws na death sentence…ni mabwanyenye beberus…

how many kids have been sentenced to death for taking a phone or 20 bob yet they take mirrions of land and mbirrions of cash and walk…even the case law on this Francis Murewatetu sp…is obvious…how injustice happens…the land commissioner walked … His wife later…her relatives much after…and rest riffraff bado ndani… this corruption is Kenya case law…:smiley:

Every public thug under Kenyan law…mawe na tire…prease

Murder Shirū
Murder Shirūū…

(Btw Her full names are Maxine Wanjirū Wahome)

Me take a bus me take a cab
Take a van take a train
Me take a diesel
me travel a long way just to find you…BABy!
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kwa hio thread kuna ule musician wa Elani Maureen alipewa sweep moto…

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Huyo huwa kimbelembele sana. Elani made her feel like she owns the world.

Hio headswell ilitokezea from kufanya ujinga alafu anatetewa na dynamic duo. Ruto is on record as saying that akina RAO shouldn’t interfere with Matiang’i. That was way back in 2017 when the police was maiming kids during demonstrations. Uhuru supported him and in fact lauded police actions during those skirmishes. Media walikua pale wanamuita super CS, thuraku wako hapo eti “he is working for the good of the country”, even when the guy was disregarding court orders like in Miguna’s case. It worked against them first, then against Ruto. It is going to work against those trying to punish that very idiot called Matiang’i.

Mental checkup in Kenya basically means next court session utaachiliwa. Well played.

Mental checkup is an SOP for all those charged with murder.

Her father is rich, friends of Kenyatta family. hakuna mahali kesi inaenda. Muhundi atalipwa pesa kesi ipunguzwe to manslaughter, later Ms Wahome akuwe mgonjwa apelekwe Nairobi Hospital. mahali kuna 4 Meals a day, WiFi. Later unamwona akiwa Europe kwa race track.

But everyone knows what that angle means when you have some money to motivate a judge.

si kwa ubaya but sielewi mahali Maxine Wahome na Matiangi wanaingiliana . pia exactly sioni mahali Matiangi na MAKING LAWS wanaingiliana .

yes laws are made by the Legislature and Judiciary through precedents pia Executive through policies that go to parliament but last time i checked sikumbuki matiangi aki amend penal code .

so hapa @Simiyu22 haujatumia akili

Akuna link between the two stories. But one thing about laws is how they are followed or abused. Matiangi was bypassing and abusing laws. So alipea Ruto blueprint vile watamvamia.