Make kenyatalk great

Hii ujinga ya kudharau your own race ndio ilinifukuza huku, hii forum ni ya wakenya lakini inakaa kama ya white supremacists.

Mtu akiweka a positive thread low self-esteem peasants washakuja na upuzi zao za low IQ shenanigans. We will eradicate this stupid behavior.

Hii forum should be for positive vibes only, so that we can celebrate the little content we
post here.


ignore them all… I have noted some finished highschool as late as 2016/17… I don’t have time for them

Rudi huko Canaan haraka upesi. We understand your city is falling apart . Old folks exposing their real identities… :D:D:D:D:D

Kaa kwenyu! Usiletee balaa huku.

And no one remembered to inform @Mzee mzima that his grandfather and great nemesis exposed his identity recently.

Na kweli kuzaa hubadili mtu. Tangu @Mzee mzima azae ame-reform serious. Waking up early, I assume alinunuliwa ka-uber na mathake… buying diapers, going to the market, going to Gertrudes… Hahahahaha.

In the old days that mzee angeoneshwa moto for exposing himself.

Hizo ngombe mbili huko juu ndo naongelea, spamming this forum with nonsense.

Self-hating Blacks should just be executed without trial and buried twenty feets below the ground to avoid the spread of the infectious ‘Self-hating mentality.’

This one thinks I’m an oldie, I bet I’m many years younger than you.

Me I would advise utafute forums za BLM kama ni Afro conscious discussions unatafuta.

I imagine huko huwa wana discuss African superiority and inventions. On going African research. African poetry.

Na hapo chini unauziwa the finest weed from Harlem grown by Tyrone Jones Broward the third.

I’m not a pan africanist at all but what I don’t like is self haters, people like you and many others who degrade themselves in the name sounding intelligent and smart.

Hii ushenzi iko tolerated hii forum, I wonder if the owners are also self-haters

A low IQ bonobo usually runs away from engaging in high octane debates online by leaving or blocking other users.

You really bought that crap? The mzee in that vid and the skinny arms I once saw from the lister’s post a while back are worlds apart. A post yenye alidai that he was on a hospital bed ama kitu kama iyo

Accept reality na uwache mafeelings. That’s pride fucking with you. Fuck pride. Pride only hurts…it never helps…

self-esteem isn’t pride.

Humbwa koko rudi senate. If your post is good then positive comments will be more than negative ones. Na wenye wataongea mbaya watapigwa sweep na watu wengine.

Senate mlijiona mature sana inaonekana mumeanza kurudi. Ukirudi huko salimia. Field masho couch punani.

Senate ndio nn kwanza, secondly I’m not an oldie just like my name suggests yungin meaning am a very young person so cut the crap.
This forum has become a refugee camp for house negroes, self haters and negative energy. If you have nothing to say just mind your own madafucking miserable pathetic life.

If you learn how to deal with those kind of people,you will never regret being around

I disagree thoroughly. Blocking trolls leaves them frustrated…bila oxygen. Coz that is they live for and they latch themselves onto some people.
Hail the mighty button. Actually it is a win win. The troll can troll all they like but the target won’t be reading it.

Ukweli mtupu